Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sex, sex and more sex - New Moon in Taurus


Hello and welcome to another New Moon (they come around quickly eh!) did you notice how dark it was last night? Great for meditation or making your affirmations (there’s still time, not to worry) however, before you do consider this. When the Sun moved into Taurus on the 20th April and now, the New Moon your thoughts, actions, reactions etc, of the past week are being ‘locked in’ for the rest of the month (and beyond) so, time to reflect and review over the next few hours. Let me offer a few clues, if you’re reader of books, a television viewer, a serial binger on Netflix etc how many times have you read or heard the words, food, recipes, obesity, overweight etc. How many financial statements have you heard (budgets, tax cuts, concessions etc.) How many times have you heard the word sexual favours, scandals, prostitution etc, on television, in the news, in books etc?

The word ‘values’ has been bandied around by our various politicians here in Aus as is ‘time to live within our means’ etc, etc. All of the above and more are all words reflecting Taurus or the second house in Astrology – makes for fascinating research for when the Sun and Moon enter Gemini the words and pictures will change – look and listen for them.

Consider this: The Fixed signs of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus are under financial pressure at the moment, more so Leo’s... The Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Piscean’s are experiencing physical and emotional pressure – more so Gemini’s… The Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are going through a re-thinking of where they belong in the world – more so Capricorn’s…

Looking at ‘values’ for what we value in life changes as we get older for example you yourself differently at ages 7, 13, 21, 30 etc. This new Moon is all about your Inner Resources, find them get to know them, appreciate them and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much more ‘secure’ you’ll become, not a promise but a fact and “I’m not talking alternative facts.”

As mentioned and no matter how old or young, your ‘sexual self’ is being defined at this time and seeking expression, time to consider your sexual appetite and feed it accordingly.  Having a fun (serious fun) look at your sexuality, (yes, my friend, good ol sex) for it’s not often mentioned but anything connected to Taurus or, the second house of any chart is where you discover your sexual prowess or lack thereof - what you give or receive in bed! It’s the house of sexual self worth after all, and if you settle for ‘second best’ …well. Look at the world stage and you read/hear for persecution taking place here there and everywhere.

If you haven’t already done so visit my eBook Store and make a purchase – everything under $5 CLICK HERE  Time to discover your ‘survival’ instincts and 'feed' your body, mind and spirit its proper nourishment, to cook and prepare food for yourself and if you cannot cook - learn When the body and mind have the right 'fuel' they can cope with anything, time to feed your body the nutrients it needs, lacks or desires and prepare for something bigger and better, time to 'value' on yourself and if you've undersold yourself in the past its time for a re-evaluation. Conversely, if you've placed too high a price on your head it's time to come down a peg or two (making you more approachable…)

Until next time remember, what you do, think or focus upon over the next few hours becomes ‘locked in’ to your future so, sing, dance, whistle, laugh, smile your biggest smile, enjoy a moment or two in being here and now, in the moment and at one with YOU – all it takes is a moment for the endorphins to kick in and make you feel good and the ‘goooder’ you feel (even for a moment) will last longer than you know.

Until the Full Moon

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