Monday, April 10, 2017

Full Moon in Libra - 11th April

This Full Moon takes place in the sign of relationships, time to catch up with those you like, love or even loathe! Yes, if you play your cards right this is a good time to sort out any differences along with letting someone know you like or love them. Then again, with Mercury retro until early next month conversations, emails or communications could be misinterpreted. Venus, the ruler of Libra is also retro until the end of this week so, be careful of what you say. Mars is travelling through Taurus until after Easter (comes around quick eh?) Jupiter (and today just heard the famous red spot is shrinking!) is retro in Libra until June 9th so enhancing the retro motion of all planets for Saturn is also in retrograde motion until late August. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all forward moving with Pluto retro on the 20th April until late September…

At every Full Moon we all know crazy things happen, we become hyper sensitised, super psychic and for some an increase in libido and with this Full Moon taking place in the sign of relationships - what can I say?  Read what’s said above and if there’s someone you like or love - let them know, if there’s someone you loathe - let them know you’ve had enough. Relating to others (or that special someone) over the next few days should, if all goes well, bring you closer than ever before or, if dealing with someone you loathe letting them know you’re unwilling to continue.

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Until next time, enjoy your Full Moon and whatever it brings…


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