Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Full Moon Motivation

Welcome to the Full Moon in Virgo

I’m a day late in getting this bulletin to you, so much has been happening at this end of the world – what about you? Since the New Moon in Pisces and my last email /blog mentioning the power of mindfulness, have you practised it?

Seriously, being in the moment has helped me cope with a few drama’s happening in my life, one being a friend I could not contact for a few days and the other being a pal having a massive heart attack (thank goodness I was there to offer assistance) “talk about life style changes for a ‘quadruple’ Sagittarius (Sun, Moon, Venus and Ascendant in Sag.)”    

I’ve not only re-arranged my home office (little changes lead to bigger ones) I’ve backed up all my computer files to a portable hard drive (something we should all do on a regular basis and not rely on the ‘cloud’) and just spoken to another sag who’s going through everything similar – isn’t Astrology wonderful?

So, now we’ve had the Full Moon in Virgo (the sign of prioritising) it’s time for every sign to sit down and prioritise – where do you want to go, what do you want to do and above all how will you get there? I’ve just had a look at my astrology files and here’s a snippet of what I’ve found for the house Virgo rules and remember the Full Moon has energised this house the house of priorities and the unconscious mind. It’s also the house of ‘service’ to others and in being of service (willingly) you’ll be rewarded for in some way.  For Virgo is linked to the unfolding or creating of Karma. Do you know where Virgo is in your chart? If so, take and focus accordingly, alternatively, look at the ruler of your 6th house (no matter which system you use) and ‘shift’ your point of view…

I’ll make it easy for you, being a Sagittarian, Taurus rules my solar 6th and the ruler of Taurus is Venus and in my natal chart Venus is located in Sag! All sounding a little complicated I hear you say so let me take you on a journey that should help you prioritise.

Aries – your 6th is Virgo - ruled by Mercury now look to where Mercury is in your Natal Chart. If Taurus, your 6th house is Libra ruled by Venus so look to where Venus is located in your natal chart and focus accordingly. Gemini’s have Scorpio ruling their 6th House, look to where Pluto or Mars (the old ruler of Scorpio) is located in your natal chart and see what it tells you. Cancerians have Sagittarius looking after their 6th house therefore look to where Jupiter is positioned in your natal chart. Leo’s have Capricorn ruling the house of Virgo (6th) and should be looking at where Saturn is located in their natal chart. Virgo’s have Aquarius as the landlord of their 6th, look to where Uranus is located in your natal chart.
Librans have, as their ruler of the 6th Pisces and should be looking at where Neptune is located in their natal chart. Scorpio’s have Aries as their ruler of the 6th (remember, I’m using the solar chart but the principle is the same) and should be looking at where Mars is located in their natal chart (which is, for everyone, a snapshot in time.) Sagittarians have a Taurus 6th house and should be looking at where Venus is located in their chart. Capricorns have Gemini as their 6th house ‘landlord’ and should be looking to where Mercury is in their chart and focus accordingly. Aquarians have Cancer as their 6th house ‘landlady’ and should look to where the Moon is in their natal chart. Last but by no means least Pisces have Leo as the owner of their 6th and for guidance should look to where the Sun is located in their chart and if using the solar chart it’ll be in your first – making Pisces one of the strongest signs of the zodiac…

If all this seem a tad complicated (and it is) rest assured it makes perfect sense once the ‘penny drops’ – all it takes is a moment or two of reflection on the snapshot that was taken at your birth – aka your Astrological Blueprint…

I’m a great believer in keeping things simple (and get blamed for doing so) but in understanding a little about your ‘blueprint’ can help find the ‘moment of mindfulness’ and the value of being here and now.   

If you don’t have your chart handy or have never had one compiled (and they were expensive in days gone by) you can Google any number of chart services and have one for free – it’s the analysis that costs the money but in simply following your Sun and Moon you’ll make great headway in understanding the moment. Here’s another example from my Astrology Files: the Progressed Moon (which is calculated a day for a year) gives information of what’s going on in the background of your life - even the people you meet over a two and half year period! The transits are like watching the stock exchange! The interpretation of any chart can be political, medical, psychological, financial, and any other interest you can imagine yet, in simply following your Sun and Moon you have a head start – go for it…

Now the Full Moon is over – and you’ve created some Karma – think about what you’ve been doing or saying over the past 48 hours for low and behold you’ve created reward or punishment until the next New Moon. Don’t know about you but I’ll be looking at where the ruler of my 6th house is located in my chart and focusing accordingly making amends or corrections to my thinking.

Until next time "whoever you are"– be in the moment.


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