Saturday, March 4, 2017

First Quarter Moon in Taurus

Four minutes that will change your life…
You’ve heard and read about the power of ‘mindfulness’ now it’s time to practice and discover this power within, believe me, being in the HERE and NOW is the only way for any  transformation to take place. Let’s a look at the word ‘transformation’ for it’s not about becoming someone or something different but allowing something within to manifest and when we look at the meaning for the word ‘manifest’ we learn something that’s patently obvious, the only person you can be is YOU.

There are no courses, classes, no guru or educator, no-one to show you the way to becoming YOU. This is your life and only you can choose how to live your life. All I’m asking is you take four minutes of your day to become aware of what’s happening in and around, within and without you for there is no past, there is no future there’s only the  NOW

Let’s discover the power of the mind and its potential to create the life you seek, crave and desire, all that’s required is to be HERE and NOW – you don’t believe me? Let’s take a few moments to discover this eternal and everlasting truth. In a matter of four minutes, yes, only four minutes, the world you inhabit will change simply by focussing your attention on the NOW moment, not yesterday, not tomorrow, not later today or tonight but right here and now. Become a watcher, an observer, a witness of YOU. Here’s a very simple technique, look at yourself in the mirror and the eyes you see are the eyes belonging to you “looking at you” and when this happens, and it can be scary, but you’ll know you’re on your way to becoming a witness of SELF.

When you become the OBSERVER everything changes and when life transforms you’d better be ready for it. Believe it or not, many of us seek change yet are secretly afraid of such, we seek a better life not knowing if we’d cope with something that’s completely different to what we’ve become used to. In the four minutes it takes to become consciously aware of the NOW your entire life will alter for instead of seeking to become someone different you’ll discover the secret of becoming YOU and in becoming YOU everyone, every relationship, every association and every connection between you and your world becomes special, life becomes life and living in the now you’re at one with the universe.

This moment, this NOW, has nothing to do with the past or future, discover it, if only for a mere second and your life will alter forevermore – and the longer you can hold or retain this moment (and practice makes perfect) you can look forward to a more fulfilling life where anything and everything is possible. Sure, you can visualise, you can say over again your mantra that things will get better but unless you can be in the NOW moment, nothing will change, locate and discover your NOW, be present, be mindful, be in the NOW, not somewhere else…

Like any journey be it to another city, country of even a relationship, any map or guide comes in handy, keeping in mind any map or guide is just that, it can show you the way but not what you’ll see or encounter along the way, even using a GPS there’ll be unexpected circumstances. Allow me to share a simple map or guide with you and all it takes is to know your Astrological Self. If Aries examine your routines and if you find yourself in a 'rut' do something about it.  If Taurus analyse your past and the people you've known or been involved with, did they encourage you onward and upward or 'held you back? If Gemini it’s time to focus your attention on your love life for believe me you need a little 'sparkle' in this area! If Cancer and there's no structure to your life it'll all come crumbling down (sooner or later) so 'weed out' whatever or whoever is no longer necessary or, work out whom or what could be 'crippling' you!  

If Leo, remember this: if you always do what you've always done then you'll only get what you've always got. It's time for a change of image, a change of direction, time to take a different 'tack.' Be careful of 'projection' however for it's too easy to blame someone else or fate for your own misfortune!  If Virgo consider seriously about what any kind of radical and fundamental 'departure' from the same ol' same ol' might mean for you and practice mindfulness without judgement or criticism. If Libran, know it or not you need other people for people who need people are the luckiest people in the world" (so the song goes.) Well, you need people in your life so make sure you're out there doing your best to form friendships, partnerships and associates. Network like you've never networked before.  

For Scorpio ask if you’re happy and content with your career direction or, sad and miserable? Make changes if necessary or demand the accolade/respect you know you're worth. If you feel limited or blocked in any way then it’s time for you to examine where you feel trapped and do something about it. For Sagittarians no-one is an island and if you've been shutting yourself away, refusing to contribute then you and only you are your own worst enemy! There's a big wide world out there and it won't come knocking on your door, make the effort and get out there to greet it and do it NOW. Capricorn’s you’re being asked to examine your 'fears and insecurities.' What is it that frightens you? Are you positive and optimistic or negative and pessimistic? Keep in mind that whatever we fear we attract. Ask yourself if you're just as afraid of success as you might be of failure?  Aquarians; believe me there are no lucky numbers, no lucky stars, no guardian angel to guide you; it's up to you. Get real for who said: "God helps those who help themselves." It's time to make your own luck in believing and accepting yourself for again I say; if you don't believe in you then no one else will. Pisces don't undersell your talents or abilities, be enthusiastic, just keep in mind that mere enthusiasm is not enough, you have to own what you come to recognise belongs to you and nurture (protect) it. Be seen as someone who knows what they want, be seen as someone 'real…'

Another secret I want to share with you is when you spend your four minutes and ‘awaken from your slumber ‘you’ll know you’re on the right path when certain people (signs) cross your path, aka Aries will see Gemini’s enter their lives, Taureans can expect Cancerians to cross their path, Gemini’s will encounter Leo’s as a help or hindrance, Cancerians will shake hands or be introduced to Virgo’s and Leo’s will discover Librans on the horizon. Virgo’s will encounter Scorpio’s Librans will meet Sagittarians, Scorpio’s will congregate with Capricorns, Sagittarian’s will engage with Aquarian’s. Capricorns will romance/liaise with Pisces and Aquarians, if on the path to enlightenment, mindfulness meet with Aries and last but by no means least Pisces will flirt with or find Taureans stimulating company.

There you have it, a few words to have you thinking over the weekend, until next time, be in the moment.

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Thomas (the eternal optimist)

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