Tuesday, March 21, 2017


What you see is a chart of the Equinox based on the Solar Chart, so much in Pisces/Aries and time for a fresh start for many.
Look forward to the New Moon @ 7 degrees Aries ( March 28th) when what you've been thinking, doing, pondering, worrying about, focussing upon or, wondering what the future might bring will (since the Equinox) become  'locked in to your thinking.'
 Don't know about you but over the next couple of days I'll be 'cleaning out' the clutter in  my life and from the New Moon will start focussing on what's important, stay tuned for more or, subscribe to my newsletter (it's free) for monthly motivational advice click here
Predicting 2017 eBooks have proved so popular (over 20,000 words for each sign) I've been reluctant to remove them until now. Purchase your copy for half price - only $2.50 AUD available until the New Moon on the 28th March when they'll no longer be available, thanks to all who've supported this concept and received your free gift, thank you. Click your sign below and download your copy today "Stay tuned for more eBooks in the coming months."
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