Monday, March 27, 2017

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Looking for Moon memories?
Do you believe in reincarnation? Fact or Fiction – let’s have a little fun and see where you might’ve lived in a previous life: Aries: England or Germany Taurus: Ireland or  Switzerland Gemini: USA or Wales Cancer: Scotland or Africa Leo: Italy or Sicily Virgo: Greece or the West Indies Libra: Austria or China Scorpio: Norway or Egypt Sagittarius: Australia or Spain Capricorn: India or Mexico Aquarius: Canada or Russia Pisces, Portugal or France
Now, what type of person were you? Look to the house your natal Moon in whatever system you subscribe to and maybe, just maybe something will pique your interest – have fun:

1st House Moon: Selfish, a Know it all, Opinionated, probably shot in the head!
2nd House Moon: A prostitute or pimp? Materialist, Sensual, Sexual, a “Mata Hari”

3rd House Moon: A pick pocket, thief, liar, a con artist...

4th House Moon: A Nun, a Saint, a Priest, ‘Joan of Arc’ a Virgin
5th House Moon: An Actor, Actress, a gambler, sportsperson, a spoilt brat of a child

6th House Moon: A ‘sicko’ a mass murderer! Suicidal, a cat or dog if you go back far enough!

7th House Moon: Casanova, Bigamist, Polygamist, a Gladiator, Viking...
8th House Moon: A necrophiliac, sexual deviant, burglar or spy!

9th House Moon: High Priest or Priestess. Evangelist, Missionary or Snake Oil Salesman...

10th House Moon: Royalty or Closet Queen! Politician, someone famous/infamous!

11th House Moon: Witch Doctor, illegitimate, adopted, fostered or left on the doorstep...

12th House Moon: A Hermit, Alchemist, an Alien or  Alcoholic...
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