Sunday, March 19, 2017

Another Day - Another Blog - The Equinox on 20th March

Another Day – another Blog
Soon, (Monday March 20th) we’ll be celebrating the Equinox - official start to autumn in the southern and spring in the northern hemispheres when the length of day and night are approximately equal everywhere on Earth (the equinoxes occur around 21 March and 23 September.) The Sun will move into Aries, the Moon will be in Sagittarius, Mercury is on Aries until the 1st April, Venus is retrograde in Aries (stuffing up everyone’s love life!) until the 15th April, Mars is going ‘gangbusters’ in Taurus Jupiter is ‘retro’ in Libra (where a lot of re-thinking regarding relationships is going on) Saturn is still ‘tormenting’ Sagittarians, Uranus still in Aries with Neptune at home in Pisces (although now in a different decanate) Pluto is still located in Capricorn (where he hasn’t been for over 200 years!) and won’t be going anywhere soon…
We also have the last quarter moon taking place from the 20th with New Moon in Aries taking place on the 28th April – the next week is going to be significant on a number of fronts for what you do, how you think, what you say or don’t say, imagine or dream all come under the microscope.  It’s important to be positive, upbeat, confident and self-assured, even if all hell seems to be breaking loose all around you…
Talking about ‘hell’ I’ve been following/researching Pluto over the past few weeks (in Roman mythology, the god of the underworld and husband of Proserpina. He was the god of the dead and also of riches, since precious metals and crops were believed to come from his underground realm) and want to share this with all those who’ve been following my blogs, websites, and newsletters over the years, for soon I’ll have (along with those born in the same year – aka November/December 1950) transiting Pluto conjunct Mars – remember, this hasn’t happened in over 200 years although every couple of years or so Mars will conjunct Pluto (offering similar but not the same info) and I’ve already had a ‘taste’ or precursor to this transit – not exact but moving there. I’d like to hear from those born in November 1950 for you’ve experienced the exact conjunction and if on the same page as moi’ I’d like to know your life changing occurrence of this once in a lifetime transit…Drop me an email

At this final lunar phase it’s time for rest and retreat, whether this means reflecting on the past, actively pursuing options or just waiting, depends on what you’ve achieved, accomplished or failed to set in motion at the last New Moon! This time can be used as a bridge to the future or a tunnel to a dead end! In working with your Moon the process outlined is a natural process affecting all living things (conscious or not) and the Equinoxes are akin to ‘super charged’ moments in each and every year...
For years I’ve been an active member of numerous Astrological Societies attending many functions, conferences and seminars and am proud to present the FAA Conference in 2018 click here to visit their website. I’m thinking of attending, what about you?

I’m getting ‘down and dirty’ creating new eBooks for 2017 and will keep you informed as to when new titles become available, in the meantime visit my e Bookstore for what’s currently available and soon to be removed along with creating a novella to be serialised here - stay tuned and don’t forget to leave a comment/critique, bouquet or brickbat. As Pluto conjuncts my natal Mars (google for info) I’m looking forward to the challenge of a lifetime for as I’ve said over and over “retirement sucks…”
Catch you next time

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