Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Moon in Pisces

Counting down to the New Moon in Pisces – Sunday 26th February

At this New Moon time for some 'imagining' consider the following: Are we the master's of our fate or, mere actor's playing to a script written long before we were born? Remember: Know it or not, we're all born to a certain predestined set of circumstances (a jockey for example, would not make a good basketball player and vice versa) and in changing or understanding our inner attitude we bring about change in our outer conditions and one of the easiest ways is to consider your Progressed Moon. Another example: a stove is built for cooking, but what gets cooked is a matter of choice. Look at your Sun Sign for if you’re a Pisces there's no point in trying to be a Sagittarian for the structure is different. Sure, you can incorporate certain Sagittarian traits but you’re still a Pisces (or whatever sign) - you are who you are.

Any New Moon is a turning point - an ending yet a beginning, time to be proactive and upbeat - write down your wishes and dreams with expectation they’ll manifest for it’s the expectation that brings results. Take a few moments to meditate, contemplate and create a visual representation without any concern as to how it will be accomplished (have faith.) For those who’ve attended my Moon Workshops, time to read your Workbook.

For Aries this New Moon is all about contacting your guardian angels, Taurus should be thinking about friendships, Gemini’s need to think ‘outside the square.’ Cancerians should consider a course of study. Leo’s need to make some radical changes in thinking, Virgo’s will find their mind turning to ‘what’s missing’ in life. Librans should seek a work/life balance and Scorpios need a little romance in their life – a little fun. Sagittarians should focus on life style changes, Capricorns need to ‘get out of a rut’ Aquarians should focus on income and financial matters with Pisces (having a birthday) time to ‘kick up your heels’ and enjoy your solar return…

As we become more and more ‘joined at the hip’ to our smart phones, tablets, etc you might be reading this as you cross the road, walking down the street, getting on and off public transport – you know what I mean – everyone seems to be looking at their screens and not each other, time we switched off our so called devices and ‘smell the roses.’

The month of March will be upon us soon so time to read your eBook on Predicting 2017 and although there’s a lot of words and concepts to consider so take what you can from what’s written and apply it, I know I do and life has altered accordingly.

In understanding your Astrological Sign you’ll understand your life although with Astronomers having discovered new planets all those light years away, with Pluto being reinstated, it won’t be long before we have to re-think the concept of being the only ones in the universe and our Sun being the only giver of life – fingers crossed we’ll hear something soon we’re not alone...

Until the Full Moon, may your wishes and dreams manifest in all their glory.
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