Monday, February 20, 2017

Last Quarter Moon

Last Quarter Moon

As I write this the Moon in currently in Sagittarius and slowly disappearing to become a New Moon in Pisces at the end of February (where has this month?) take a few moments to ponder over these ‘pearls of wisdom.”
It’s been a while since I’ve had the energy to sit at my PC and ‘pen a few words’ for here (on the east coast of Australia) we’ve been having a heat wave and this ‘old turkey’ has suffered heat stress for most of this month…hence no oomph to sit in front of my computer – you know the feeling.
Now I’ve found the energy to pencil a few ‘words of wisdom’ consider this – there is no past, there is no future there is only NOW and living in the NOW is where we should all live, and even though time is elastic it’s important we learn to live in the NOW.
Currently we  have the Sun in Pisces,  Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury in Aquarius, Venus in Aries, Mars in Aries, Jupiter retro in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. What does it all mean I hear you ask? Well, to be honest your guess is as good as mine! If you’re Pisces you’re going to have a birthday (solar return) and with ruler Neptune taking up residence your thoughts likely to be somewhat spiritual/spooky. If you’re Sag you’re going to feel a tad emotional (moon) and with Saturn in your sign you can expect delays or rewards to come your way.
If Aquarius you’ll be getting itchy feet or, restless legs (mercury) If Aries, ain't life complicated with three planetary energies stirring up all sorts of emotions, Venus = your love life, Mars making you a bit irritated and Uranus making you think about who your friends are? If Libran (Jupiter taking a ‘backward’ turn) it’s time to look at your diet, looks and appearance for when he turns forward again in June you’ll want to look your best, don’t you?  If Capricorn, what can I say? Life ain't what it used to be (Pluto) and for the rest of the signs – don’t worry, you’re turn will come soon enough so learn to live in the NOW…
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As we approach the New Moon and the 1st of the month it’s time to read what was written for Predicting 2017 (if you purchased your copy, if not you can still so so) and for all the Sagittarians this month is a life-changing one, I’m looking forward to it... House Numbers and their meaning can be purchased here (no matter which sign you are) for it’s not just the Sag’s who might be moving house but all the mutable signs are on the move in one way or another aka Gemini, Virgo, Sag and Pisces…

If Aries and for the rest of this week think travel, if Taurus, think sex, if Gemini think ‘what the hell’ if Cancer, time to look for another job, if Leo time to say you’re sorry and if Virgo get out of the house. For Librans enter a few competitions, if Scorpio time to see your bank manager, Sagittarians need some NOW time with Capricorns heading for a lucky couple of days on Wednesday/Thursday. Aquarians need some ME time and for Pisces time to re-think your life/game plan.

Until next time – enjoy the darkening nights associated with the waning/disappearing moon…

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