Sunday, February 5, 2017

1st Quarter Moon in Taurus

First Quarter Moon in Taurus


If, like me and the rest of the world you’re becoming tired or concerned about Donald “tweet” let’s change tack seeing the 1st quarter moon is in the 4th. Many people have often asked me questions about their family, children, siblings etc. so here’s something to whet your appetite. Interestingly, the company called Ancestry. Com now offers a DNA kit to discover your roots (don’t know how much it costs) so here’s an astrological spin on discovering where you come from…
 Look at your chart or create a solar chart and look to position five for here you’ll see your first born child (in some cases the actual sun sign) where, given some thought you’ll come to understand the make-up of your first born (even if you’ve miscarried)…
Your second born is located in position seven (third house from the 5th) and again you might see the actual sun sign but, given a little analysis you’ll discover traits and characteristics of this child.
 Your third born is located in position nine (and I’ve often seen this child conceived or born overseas or to someone foreign!
 The fourth born child is located in position eleven (third house from the 9th) and is often more unique or special in some way – even adopted or fostered!
 Any fifth born child is located in position one and more like YOU than you know.
I could go so, take your time to go around the wheel and work it out for yourself, there’s a lot of information contained in your astrological chart (no matter which system you use the above positions remain stable.)
 Your roots can be looked at in this way. Your same sex parent is located in position ten with the opposite sex parent in position four. Let’s go a little deeper into this and to do so I must use a simply analogy. My same sex parent (father) who, incidentally happens to be Virgo and me being a Sagittarian has his opposite sex parent (mother) in my first house, giving me traits (roots) of my paternal grandmother, catching my drift? My opposite sex parent (mother) has her father (opposite sex parent) in my seventh giving me traits/roots belonging to my maternal grandfather! You can do this over and over, drilling deeper and deeper into your roots just by looking at your chart.
 Returning to children – your second born child has traits belonging to your opposite sex parent putting it simply, either the same sign as the grandparent or possessing similar traits/characteristics of this grandparent!  (The opposite sex parent of your opposite sex parent!)
 Making it easier to understand and drilling into my roots for me and you, should look to your fourth house (opposite sex parent) where I find my mother, her father, his mother, her father and so on, giving me some understanding of my roots, genetic or otherwise. In understanding this simple process you’ll find many hours of fascinating research and maybe a few surprises.
 In my tenth house I find my same sex parent (father) his father, his father (same sex) and so on. Discovering the same sex parent every time for liking it or not, we all grow into or, end up becoming the same sex parent in more ways than we know (unless we consciously do otherwise)…
 And if you don’t find the actual sun sign of the parent, child, brother or sister look for any planets contained in the houses for clues…
“That’s it for now; let’s return to the world of Donald Trump (duh)”
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