Friday, January 13, 2017

Welcome to the Full Moon - albeit a day late...

Welcome to the Full Moon – albeit one day late

As I write this the Moon is currently 99.5685% of full and waning so, what have you accomplished since the New Moon two weeks ago? What are you feeling today (knowing its Friday the 13th!) this Moon is located in the sign of Cancer moving into Leo, Virgo, Libra over the coming week. From being a water moon – to a fire moon – then earth moon! If you monitor your feelings over the coming days you’ll notice they ebb and flow according to the element (fire, earth, air water etc) and when you understand this you’ll come to understand your moods a lot healthier for it’s when we allow our mood to linger that we create problems for ourselves and loved ones.

The Full Moon brings into MANIFESTATION your motivations of the previous days. This is a time of tremendous tension for it contains the rewards or punishment of your actions. If all goes according to plan there'll be fruition and culmination or, a collapse and disintegration. No matter, the Full Moon represents the halfway mark to this cycle.

We've all heard about the craziness of the Full Moon, now you know why.

As you move through the next few days you'll experience the Disseminating Moon. These are the days when you must attempt some SYNTHESIS of what you've experienced. If you've experienced some success or fulfillment you'll now find yourself looking at the 'bigger picture' and what you have to offer. Realising there is a future and to bring all the elements of your success together in such a way that their value is not transitory, but can have lasting meaning. If, on the other hand, nothing has come together and you've experienced some disintegration then it'll be necessary to pick up the pieces, to say you're sorry, to forgive yourself for getting it wrong and sew your life back together again in the expectancy of the next New Moon.

No matter what you've experienced, this phase is one of combining all the good and bad, all the elements of happiness and sadness, of elation and disappointment and making it whole. In essence, putting your life back together again or living your life in the full light of your achievements (whatever they may be.)

I’d like to share something with you that I developed many years ago when teaching Astrology at the Harbord Diggers Social Club as an aid in helping cope with moods (good or bad.) Remembering, when you hold a thought (positive or negative) for longer than four minutes your ‘obedient servant’ is going to search all your lives and bring you whatever it is your thoughts are dwelling upon... If you find yourself becoming depressed or fearful don’t entertain this thought for longer than four minutes, change it or better still, go through it at the ‘speed of light’ and come out the other end. First of all there’s what I call the Conscious environment (position three no matter which system you use) sending signals to the Subconscious (position twelve) to the Unconscious (position six) then to the Super Conscious (position nine) and back again to the Conscious environment (position three) – faster than the speed of light.
If we build on the premise our thoughts are ‘generated’ in the 3rd sector and if we consciously ‘entertain’ this thought or fear for longer than four minutes it’s ‘sent’ to the 12th sector, where the Subconscious Mind acts upon it and begins the ‘creation’ process by sending it’s ‘signal’ to the 6th sector (Unconscious Mind) then processed or analysed by the ninth (Superconscious) and sent back to the third (Conscious Mind), all happening in a nanosecond. At this point I’d like to introduce some new ‘words’ to explain these sectors with position three being re-named the ‘Mental Environment’, position twelve the ‘Soul Environment’, position six the ‘Physical or Earthly  Environment’ and position nine being called the ‘Spiritual/Universal Environment.’
The Subconscious Mind is the ‘servant’ of the Conscious (never the other way around) and like every good servant it will do all that it can to bring its master what he or she wants. When we are in our Mental (NOW) environment it’s important to think as confidently and as positively as possible for when we ‘entertain’ a thought, desire, fear or fantasy in this sector for longer than ‘four minutes’ it’s ‘sent’ to your ‘servant’ in the 12th who, for the want of a better word, instructs the Physical environment (6th) to re-arrange itself accordingly and, if we get it right, the Superconscious Mind (spirit) either approves or disapproves and sends it’s signal back to the 3rd (mental) environment…

 “In understanding the principles behind this – depression becomes a thing of the past”

Remember to read your eBook for January and focus your thinking accordingly for believe you me I’m starting to see some fantastic results for what’s written for moi (a sag…)

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Until the 3rd quarter moon in about a week-  “it’s time to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start over or, if feeling good about what’s going on – celebrate and share…”  

 Ciao for now


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