Friday, January 27, 2017

New Moon - Chinese New Year of the Rooster

"Welcome to the New Moon in Aquarius  Chinese New Year of the Rooster"

Wishing all those born in the year of the Rooster (1909 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 and 2005) a Happy New Moon, interestingly and according to Chinese Astrology, people born in the year of the Rooster can expect bad luck in their zodiac year and red is your unlucky colour! So, if you’re Chinese (or follow Chinese Astrology) and born in these years don’t wear red...
Soon, and I know I’ve promised this in a few bulletins, your free gift is will soon be on its way if you’ve purchased your Predicting 2017 eBook (available here until end of January)  but and I mean a big but, we’ve been having a heat wave here in NSW and believe you me I’ve suffered heat stress more in this year than in any other where there's  been days trying to stay cool has been nigh impossible and you all know what I mean  when you just cannot cool down – lethargy creeps in and you don’t want to do anything, nothing, nada, zilch and that’s been me and I thought “retirement sucks!”
"I was reading my own predicting 2017 and it’s amazing just how accurate it’s been for me for when I read the following: You'll appear magnetic and attractive to the eyes of others just be careful of attracting any 'hangers on' and this has proved so accurate along with, if there are any moments of solitude - re-assess your game plan – discovering your self-sufficiency, your sense of identity and the courage to forge ahead and with the days of trying to keep cool this made so much sense – more so when I read last month’s blog on the New Moon then, this happened being said for February:  Try this exercise: “Buy a jigsaw puzzle and as you piece the bits and pieces together imagine it's your life you're assembling” and someone gave me a jigsaw puzzle! "
I won't go on for each and every one of us will experience this at sometime in the year so read your own eBook and find out when and for me the information on February reads as follows (in brief) during this month: Broaden your horizons – time to examine your routines and if you find yourself in a rut – do something about it! It's time to think seriously about where you are in the scheme of things and what you want from your life and believe you me this has been going on in my mind for some time now I can focus more effectively.

I know I’ve rambled but only to encourage you to read your own eBook and see where the words fit your life. Now, before we hit the New Moon (Saturday 28th January) you should endeavour to clean the house, throw away the old stuff, feast with family and friends – all typical of the Chinese New Year so here’s an easier way to manage your Friday 27th – go to your inbox, outbox, trash box, junk folder, email accounts you haven’t used in ages, contacts and spam you’ve been meaning to delete, contests, special offers you’ve been thinking about, unsubscribe from the lot (be careful) making sure you click the correct button for so many ‘offers’ ask you pay for a phone subscription (hidden in the fine print at the end of the email) and give yourself a pat on the back for cleaning out the clutter on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone and welcome the New Moon at 8 degrees Aquarius (the sign of technology) with new enthusiasm “and for everyone tackling/struggling with Windows 10 ® this is just the beginning…”

"Here's a lucky 'money envelope' for you and yours and may good fortune shine upon you in the months to come. " Look to where Aquarius is located on your chart (no matter which system you use) and you'll have some idea where to focus your thinking more effectively  and if looking for a little extra guidance I’m always available for a personal consultation (email for details) via email.

Until next time remember – whatever you do tomorrow night (Chinese New Year) you’ll be doing all year and like the Scots – what you do on New Year leads to what you’ll be doing all year and I had a wonderful New Year. “So, if you had a lousy start to the Calendar New Year you can do something about it tomorrow – Chinese New Year.” I know what I’ll be doing, what about you?”  

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