Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Goodbye January - Hello February..."

Astrological Ages

"Where are you on this wheel?"
 ("I'm aged 66 so am in the area 63-70, you?")
We’ve now reached the end of January 2017 and what a month it’s been – no need for me to tell you or state the obvious, only time will tell as to what the rest of this year will bring, being a Number One Universal Year – lots of ‘new’ experiences are likely to be encountered but as they say in the classic’s everything old is new again. Look back to 2008 (another Universal Year Number One) and again nine years before that to 1999 then 1990…need I go on?
Today, 31st January the Sun is located at 11 degrees Aquarius, Moon @ 19 Pisces, Mercury @ 19 Capricorn,  Venus @ 27 Pisces, Mars 2 degrees Pisces, Jupiter @23 Libra, Saturn @ 24 Sagittarius, Uranus @ 21 degrees Aries, Neptune @ 10 Pisces and Pluto @ 17 degrees Capricorn and if you haven’t got a headache with all the news in the world consider this Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries offers the following: this transit can indicate sudden and dramatic changes (duh) ranging from breaking away from routines to a breakdown in relationships (making sense)…
Until the first quarter moon in 4 days enjoy take it easy out there…

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