Friday, January 6, 2017

1st Quarter Moon

First Quarter Moon


Do you know where this 1st Quarter Moon is located (answer at the end of this email) and what it means? Let me offer the following: As you move towards the 1st quarter passing through the crescent phase you'll be laying the GROUNDWORK and putting into action whatever you realise needs to be done. In laying this groundwork take a few moments to review the past, briefly, don't dwell upon the past recognise it has brought you to where you are now, time to recognise this link and assert your individuality. Learn from the past and from what you’ve learnt apply this wisdom to the future, these days are 'future-oriented' yet, you must retain a consideration of the past. In living these days, in accepting whatever they bring you, in acknowledging all that happens to you is meant for you, an 'emergence' an idea or, a pathway to the future will reveal itself…

Change can be frightening yet the realisation that something is struggling to be’ born’ can threaten your sense of security for this  new direction is still not fully formed – it’s young, immature and dependent upon you making a commitment - without any clear understanding of where it all could lead. The opportunities offered during the CRESCENT PHASE can be lost unless you push aside all your doubts (find your faith). During this Crescent Phase, resistance is internal for you can become you own stumbling block, where dreams become buried in self doubt!  This phase is about breaking through the inertia of old habits and ideas that prevent us from successfully moving forward into the 1st Quarter Phase where we take action and build a better future...

At the first quarter ACTION is the keyword. Whatever you've come to realise over the past few days you must now put into action - this is a crisis or quickening phase and there'll be some pain experienced if you've not laid the groundwork or, a goal to be reached if you have. No matter, there'll be an urge to act, to do something, to say something; to go somewhere, become AWARE of the consequences of your actions for the next phase will tell you.

The First Quarter phase represents one of the most critical of phases. We've reached a turning point between what’s familiar and secure and the emerging new – experiencing some outer resistance (even from others who are recognising the changes taking place in your psyche!) At the First Quarter we must move through this resistance, a time of choice awaits - either align you life with the future or, retreat to the past the choice is yours- decisions with long term implications are made at this time. Time to act on the ‘energy’ of the new Moon, but we are still in the dark - the way is only partially lit for at the end of this phase, if you have met the challenge of the First Quarter you’ll do something to make positive and creative changes and will reap rewards - if you didn't things can quickly go downhill!

Okay, if you’re an Aries (or know someone who is) it’s time for YOU. If Taurus, time to reflect, if Gemini tell someone you care. If Cancerian time to carry out your New Year’s resolutions, if Leo there’ll be travel on your mind, where do you want to go? If Virgo, time for some fundamental changes in your life. If Libra and looking for a partner go for it, Scorpio’s should be looking at their work, life balance. Sagittarians need a little sex/romance in their lives. Capricorn’s should think about some house renovations. Aquarians who drive will be looking for a new car and those who don’t drive should learn. Pisceans need to look at where they can make more money...

That’s it folks, short and sweet for if you’ve purchased your eBook for predicting 2017 there’s a lot more you can read – you’ve paid for it so you might as well read what’s written (here’s an excerpt from mine (sag) it's time to 'feed' your body its proper nourishment, to cook and prepare food for yourself and if you cannot cook - LEARN and guess what I’m preparing for dinner tonight? ‘Surf and Turf’ – “prawns and steak…”

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“FYI the 1st quarter moon is located in Aries…”

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