Wednesday, December 21, 2016

3rd Quarter Moon

3rd Quarter Moon


Each and every year at this time we experience the 3rd Quarter Moon in Virgo where not only do we experience the ‘stress’ of Christmas we find ourselves looking back to the year that’s been (every television news programme fills their quota in reviewing the year just gone) I’ve enclosed some information for you to ponder for know it or not, we all (to some degree) experience what I’ve written.

Look to where Virgo is located in your chart (no matter which system you prefer) and you’ll know where your thoughts, fears, apprehensions, disappointments are located. Conversely, if you’ve managed to achieve a few successes you’ll be celebrating your achievements.

Before you reflect on what’s written can I take this opportunity of wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017.

Read the following: as you move through the next few days you'll experience the Disseminating Moon. These are the days when you must attempt some SYNTHESIS of what you've experienced. If you've experienced some success or fulfillment you'll now find yourself looking at the 'bigger picture' and what you have to offer. Realising there is a future and to bring all the elements of your success together in such a way that their value is not transitory, but can have lasting meaning. If, on the other hand, nothing has come together and you've experienced some disintegration then it'll be necessary to pick up the pieces, to say you're sorry, to forgive yourself for getting it wrong and sew your life back together again in the expectancy of the next New Moon.

No matter what you've experienced, this phase is one of combining all the good and bad, all the elements of happiness and sadness, of elation and disappointment and making it whole. In essence, putting your life back together again or living your life in the full light of your achievements (whatever they may be).

The last or third quarter is the phase of AWARENESS. Whatever you have endured or enjoyed must now be put aside in light of an ending taking place, a time to let go. No matter what you've accomplished or encountered over the past few weeks these days are about letting go, to have faith that you'll have more, not less. This can be and often is a difficult time if you've enjoyed some measure of fulfillment but a joyous time if you've experienced disintegration, for the old must make way for the young. These few days are days of reorientation, requiring from you an act of faith in the future for unless you have faith you are lost.

As you move from the last quarter to the New Moon you'll experience what's called the Balsamic Moon and the keyword is RELEASE. This is a time to prepare yourself for the New Moon when you can begin again to build or re-build your life from whatever you've experienced over the past few weeks. The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. All is cyclic and the New Moon brings you back to where you were, giving you the chance to begin all over again, to build an even better life in light of what you've experienced. Or, to make amends and begin all over again with a little more determination based upon what you've come to understand about your inner self for its not what happens to you it’s how you react to it.

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Until the New Moon in Capricorn prior to the New Year – stay safe on the roads over this holiday season and spare a thought for all those doing it tough…
See you then

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