Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius

 Well folks, it’s been a while since I last sat down and created a blog (or two) and as some of you have heard me say “retirement sucks” and ever since I’ve entered the Astrological Phase 63 – 70 I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (some good some not so good) and have come to the conclusion “use it or lose it” so from here on in I intend to “use it” – what do I mean? Well, with over 40 years of accumulated knowledge, over 20 years working on the internet – creating a website and websites for others – numerous books and e-books published with many lectures and conferences attend it’s time to move to the next level – soon I’ll be creating apps - no, I cannot stay away from the technology and soon you’ll be able to download Astronumbers from iTunes and Android…

I’m busy creating “Predicting 2017” for all the signs and should be available in a couple of weeks – in the meantime if interested in purchase and download my Solar/Lunar Book from here: for the low price of $4.95 and delivered immediately.

As many of you know (being a Sagittarius) the New Moon later today has sparked and renewed my interest in disseminating information only to find that everything I’ve ever written and posted online is still there and instantly available for collection by the various search engines and programmes I’ve been ‘playing with’ now, I know we all know everything we post online is there forever but to have it instantly presented on my Ipad/phone/tablet without having to do anything was nothing short of how far we’ve come on the internet, when I started it was windows 95 (no real security) lot’s and lot’s of porn (which actually sold the power of windows) and domain names were changing hands for extraordinary sums (the dot com bubble) now, we’re more connected than ever before with GPS tracking our every movement, our fridges ordering food from the supermarket when stocks run low, our smart phones controlling the air conditioner, the blinds and garage door – where will it all end I ask myself?

With any New Moon it’s time to review the past few months and see where patterns are repeating themselves or where you’re still in the same rut you’ve been for some time – the same ol' same ol' (this has been happening to me and it’s no fun I can tell you) so with Saturn/Moon/Sun/Mercury in Sagittarius it’s no wonder I’m being pulled back into the fold – “and it feels good I can tell you.” I won’t promise to blog every day (as was my previous intention) but from the New Moon and Full Moon you can expect my ‘words of wisdom” or, “useless information for you to hit delete.”

Since retirement I’ve dabbled with creative writing (some of the characters are scary) I’ve overdosed on “Netflix” and read so many books it’s no wonder I need to “get out more” – don’t know about all my followers over the years who’ve hit retirement and find peace/ contentment or, frustration/dissatisfaction. Maybe, I’ll write a book on the subject for not everyone wants to play bowls, bingo, attend ceramic classes or take endless bush walks – there has to be something eh!

Forgive the rant – re-post or ‘like’ on your favourite social site aka Facebook, Instagram, etc. where millions not only keep in touch with loved ones but a great deal themselves becoming more and more depressed thinking “the whole world is having a good time and they’re missing out…”

No matter what your sign you can read the instructions for the New Moon on the right and again I ask you to consider making a purchase of my Solar/Lunar Astrology for either printing (over 156 pages!) or saving on your phone/computer/tablet/iPhone for easy reference for this edition is totally interactive…

Until next time – missed you all


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