Friday, September 16, 2016

Soon to be a Full Moon in Pisces

Another day another blog from your “semi-retired” (retirement sucks) AstroNumerologist and what a couple of days it’s been for the ‘fire signs’ of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have felt the pressure from Saturn residing at 10 degrees Sag where he’s been in a strong square to Neptune causing confusion and lethargy along with a strong square to the Moon (causing some to act in haste) – it’s over now so you can all relax a little and look forward to the weekend.

With Mars trine Uranus some (no matter what your sign) will find your energy sparks with excitement and stimulation. With Venus opposite Uranus there could be an exciting person ‘hit your inbox’ or an electrifying project coming to the surface. Soon, the Sun will conjunct Jupiter (around the 27th) so make the most of this fortunate period on the horizon.

Numerologically, if you were born today (16th Sept) you have a past life connection to those born in Pisces (more so those born on the 23rd Feb, 5th March and 14th March) and if your house or flat number is 7 look for Sagittarians paying a visit! Incidentally, the place where you live also goes through cycles of favourable and unfavourable) influences (more on this later) for the moment, if you’ve ever wondered what your house number represents you can find out from my book AstroNumerology (click the book on the right to purchase your paperback copy or, if you want an electronic one for your computer or tablet contact me personally)…

I was chatting to my friend Claire Voyante the other day and she was saying “be cautious of all those emails from various parts of the world promising to read your chart and foretell your future” – more often than not it’s just a scam to get your personal details…

Soon (in a few hours) we’ll have another Full Moon (at 24 degrees Pisces) and for those who’ve subscribed to my Newsletter I’ll be in touch if you haven’t done so already you can do so here it’s free and no information shared with any third party.

Until next time – enjoy the Full Moon where it’s a good idea to wash your crystals, placing them in the light of the Full Moon to energise them and bring back their potency…
Talk with you soon

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