Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Moon in Virgo

"Welcome to the New Moon in Virgo"
With over 33,000 people over the years who've visited my posts it's time for something different - to begin again for no matter what your sign, this New Moon is all about reviewing where you’ve been and where you want to go, along with Mercury retrograde in Virgo there’s no better time than today, tomorrow to re-think, re-focus and take control over your life. If you get it right you’ll be on your way to taking charge of your life and where do you have the most control?  “Your thinking, that’s where…”

 I’d like to introduce my 13th Self (some will think I’m crazy, others with have a good laugh) but from today it’s time to have some fun with Astrology where my 13th Self will be talking to the planets (calling the sun and moon as planets for convenience) so let’s begin by introducing Mum (Moon) and Dad (Sun) the twins (Mercury) my best friends Venus (female) and Mars (male) my two uncles Jupiter (the fun one) and Saturn (the serious one) and the long lost relatives Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – who, every now and again crop up and throw a spanner in the works – let’s begin.

 Mum and Dad (enjoying a café latte in Virgo) discussing their various ailments and talking about going on a ‘health kick’ the twins (Mercury retro in Virgo) on their phones (twittering and tweeting) applying for different jobs with no success. My friend Venus (in Scorpio) looking for ’lurve’ in all the wrong places and her boyfriend (oh, yes she and Mars flirt with each other behind my back) he’s in Sagittarius having the time of his life. Uncle Joe (Jupiter in Virgo) is pissed off helping everyone financially. The other uncle (Saturn in Sag) putting on his glad rags and having a party (kind of) with the long lost relatives, Uranus (weary of going retro in Aries) Neptune, retro in Pisces, looking at Mum, Dad, the twins and uncle Joe (opposite in Virgo) in dismay, last but by no means least Pluto (in Capricorn) really looking forward to September 26th when he can move on…

 Visit often, re-post to your friends; share on social media or hit the delete button, it’s going to become addictive for like every dysfunctional family you’ll be introduced to their eccentricities, powers and shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses – stay tuned…

 “Remember – the one thing you control is your thinking”

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