Wednesday, September 7, 2016

In two days time

Okay, enough is enough; it’s time to really make a difference. In two days, twelve hours (as I write this) we’ll experience the 1st quarter moon (17 degrees Sagittarius) and in moving toward this 1st quarter it’s time to lay the GROUNDWORK putting into action whatever you realise needs to be done. In laying this groundwork take a few moments to review the past, albeit briefly, don't dwell upon it but recognise it’s brought you to where you are now, recognise this link and assert your individuality. Learn from the past and apply this wisdom for the upcoming days are 'future-oriented' bringing ‘emergence' an idea or, a pathway to the future.
FYI - Look to where Sagittarius is in your chart (no matter what system you use) and focus accordingly

At the first quarter ACTION is the keyword, this phase represents one of the most critical where a turning point is reached between what’s familiar and secure and the emerging new. Expect some resistance (even from others recognising the changes taking place in your psyche!) in moving through this resistance, choices await either aligning your life with the future or, retreating back into the past - the choice is yours. At this 1st quarter moon make positive and creative changes and reap the rewards - if you didn't make things happen they can quickly go downhill!

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