Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Another Day - Another Blog

Take a look at the wheel to the left discovering your age range and predict the future for yourself, family and friends – easy-peasy.
To give an example (my age at 65) offers the following information ( between 63– 70) and believe you me it’s pretty accurate. You can have your own  information for your age range absolutely free – email your current age and I’ll forward some information by return or, within a couple of days at most, this offer is only available for one request, sorry no multiple applications...

A snippet of my age 63-70: "If you feel limited or blocked in any way it’s time to examine where you feel trapped and do something about it." Sentimentality is not allowed and from here is your decision making phase and time to "cut your cloth accordingly.  From now you’ll find some direction (eventually) as to where your life if going, somehow and from somewhere you WILL find direction and when you do, for goodness sake listen!  This is your character building phase, being seen as someone who has achieved something or, someone who has failed, it's time to set yourself free. Free  from whatever or whoever that's  held you back (take a look in the mirror for often as not the answer lies within! What can I say, this is your 'dramatic' phase and connected in some way to the years 21 - 28 and will prove 'full on.'

During this phase you'll either dazzle others with your brilliance or, brow beat yourself with perceived failures!  Even if you don't have two pennies to rub together, act as though you had everything; if you have nothing expensive in your wardrobe, accessorise. Your 'public image' is paramount for it's how you're seen and perceived by others that matter.  Be seen only with the best!  Make adjustments to your career or life's direction - even altering your path if need be!  Time to think about what you have or, have not achieved in life, list your achievements and failures on paper - giving yourself some credit for whatever you've done has led you to where you are now - like it or notIt’s time to be noticed, to stand up and be counted, and as you’ve heard me say over and over “retirement sucks” and from this phase a new journey awaits, a new destination lies ahead. "Don't forget to take advantage of my offer, only available until my next blog in a couple of day..." 

In a couple of days we’ll have the Spring Equinox (23rd Sept) here in the southern hemisphere, time to revel in and raise the roof in the season of Love (well it does happen in Libra after all – ruled by Venus!)

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Email if seeking answers to questions (payment details sent upon request) and if you’re born today 21st September you’ve a past life/future connection with Sagittarius and those born on the 23rd November, 5th December and 14th December in particular where you share an intimate connection

Until next time - as my friend Claire Voyante is want to say; “it’s not what you say you’re going to do it’s what you actually do that says it all.” There are times when she’s really deep and meaningful, at other times talks gibberish…

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