Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Visualise and Create


As we approach the Full Moon in Aquarius (18th August) it’s time to visualise and earn, win or create some extra cash - using all those coins you keep in a jar (I used 5 cent pieces that have been accumulating forever) 

Create your own magic money circle using the picture above for inspiration. I used it the other day, and won some money in the lottery – not a lot, just over $20 but it works. Try it for yourself at the Full Moon and see what the Universe brings you.  Let me know how you go email here.
"Here's a tip to create the perfect circle: Use an upturned round plate and place your coins around it"
If you win big – check out your Party Moon on the right (featured post) and invite a few friends (Aquarius Moon) to help celebrate your winnings or good luck.

"Don't forget to share this with all your friends"



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