Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Party Moon

As the weather warms up (here in Australia) and cools down elsewhere in the world let's have a party to celebrate the change of seasons...

Party Moon – do you know where your Moon was at birth? If you do then the following information will give you some idea as to how you ‘party…’  We all know about Sun in Leo making a dramatic entrance, the Sun in Virgo busy in the kitchen, the Sun in Gemini talking to everyone and of course we cannot forget the Sun in Pisces with a drink in one hand listening to someone unburdening their problems. Without further ado let me outline how you can best express your Natal Moon (and you know where it's located in your Chart don't you?) for in this day and age where first impressions count, knowing how to make the best impression possible guarantees success or failure. Some Moon's are assertive, some reflective; others are passive or positive, which one is you?  Read the following tips, hints and suggestions if you're holding a party or attending a function and I guarantee you'll have the time of your life.

If you have your Moon in Aries: (or the Moon is transiting Aries at the time) it's likely you'll want to activate or energise the party the moment you walk through the front door. The first thing you'll be saying is: "what's up" and if you get no response you'll do something or say something to break any silence, for anything's better than nothing. And if you're the host or hostess it's up to you to keep things alive and interesting.

Moon in Taurus: The 'control freak' for Taurean Moon's (holding a party) likes to know who everyone is, where they come from and if you haven't got an invitation you would get past the 'security' guard! Spontaneity (unless planned) is usually not allowed for Taurean Moon's become uncomfortable with the unexpected. If attending a party you'll attempt to control it for that's your 'security' and when the conversation or activity becomes a little boisterous you'll fuss and fret over the damage that might be done to the surroundings, furniture etc. Get over it and enjoy yourself.

Moon in Gemini: We all know them, the ones who never stop talking for these Moon's are all about communication but they never really say anything deep and meaningful. Okay, their great to have at any function, the first to arrive, the last to leave, always a story to tell, a joke to crack, wide sweeping gestures of where they've been and who they've met. They move from one guest to another picking up a little gossip here a little gossip there, expanding it as you go along. If you have your Moon in Gemini and you're a quiet shy sort of person (look to your Sun) then you're missing out so let your Gemini Moon have some fun and let your hair down for no matter what you think no-one remembers or cares about any faux passé.

Moon in Cancer: Throw a party in your own home for the time of your life and if you're at a function or somewhere you're uncomfortable the first words you'll say to your partner is: "I want to go home." Of all Moon's you're the one that picks up on the atmosphere, if you're in a good mood and the party is a little flat you'll 'kick-start' the karaoke (I have a sister with a Cancer Moon and her voice could shatter glass). If the party is in full swing and you're not switched on it's likely you'll retreat or retire to where you feel comfortable, and we all know where that is don't we? I know many Moons in Cancer (when it's all gets just too much) just go to bed!

Here we have the best Moon of all (duh!) the Moon in Leo: for they want everyone to have a good time! You might think everything is spontaneous but they've been planning the event for weeks and they know you'll love them for it, so you'd better lay it on thick otherwise you won't get another invite! If this is your Moon you know what I'm talking about. If you're attending a party or function during a transiting Moon in Leo bring a present. And if your host is a Moon in Leo don't forget to comment on the hairdo, the style, the cut and the look.

Let's not forget our favourite, the Virgo Moon: They've been worrying about this party for weeks, and if this is your Moon you'll have debated for days whether you should attend or not. Mr. or Ms organised that's what this Moon is all about. Throwing a party is like planning a war; everything must go to plan (it seldom does, if they invite a Sagittarian Sun or Moon, and they usually do!) They'll have renovated the kitchen or never leave the kitchen, how many parties have you been to where you had the best time over the dishwasher? I'll bet you're either a Virgo Moon or the host/hostess is 'harvest moon.' By the way, there's always a doggie or moggie that glamour's for your attention.

The biggest surprise of all is being invited to attend a party held by or under the influence of a Libran Moon: Ordinarily they like everything to be in harmony until that moment when they (you) throw a wobbly and decide it's not worth the effort to be liked by everyone, this is when they go all out to irritate everyone within earshot. "Let not talk about our differences or, rock the boat tonight darling" is what you'll be saying to your partner before the guests arrive, a sure sign that's exactly what's going to happen, surprise, surprise.

Scorpio Moon: Never easy to figure out, if this is your Moon you might be too intense or afraid you'll say or do something that might be misinterpreted. There's 'magnetism' about you (male or female) that others are drawn to, find intriguing so, if you're comfortable with flirting, flirt. If uncomfortable with verbal seduction keep your mouth shut, and stay where others (especially if you came with a partner) can see you! Most Scorpio Moons feel or discover afterwards someone is or has been saying something behind their back.

Moon in Sagittarius: Let's make this party 'rock' that's your motto. You're out to enjoy yourself to either inspire (there's that Jupiter influence talking) uplift or embarrass your host/hostess. Most Sag Moons open they're mouth to change feet, if this is your Moon don't have too many drinks before your Moon goes out to Party! Sag Moons always feel it's their duty to make a party swing and if this is your Moon and you're a wallflower, you're missing out on so much fun (like the Gemini Moon) for nobody cares what you do or say on the night.

Capricorn Moon: Now here's a twist, its proper; it's corporate and catered. Attending a function held by a Cap Moon means you'd better arrive on time, behave yourself; talk business (boring.) If you're a Moon in Capricorn why not 'theme' your parties / functions so that you can show your 'other side' your 'fun side' (it's there so find it). I know so many Capricorn Moons who enjoy that old game 'Twister' (remember it) where bodies can mix and mingle for every Capricorn Moon wants to be up close and personal, even sexual (but need an excuse to explore the possibilities).

We all know about the Aquarian Moon: They never arrive on time and when they do eventually turn up there's always a stranger in tow (and the stranger the better). If this is your Moon you want to electrify / shock / disrupt (just for the fun of it) any party/function or BBQ don't you? One good thing about this moon (even the transiting moon) it promises to be different to what's planned and you'll talk about it for weeks to come. If it's a fundraiser or charity function money will be raised beyond expectation for Aquarian Moons know how to pry money from people's wallets for their favourite cause...

Poolside parties are best for the Pisces Moon: Or, a function on board a yacht! If this is your Moon you'll imagine what's going to happen, you'll visualise your guests and what they'll be wearing, saying, doing and - if they turn up at all - it never turns out the way you thought. If you're attending a function where you feel it's just too much 'escape' while you can especially if there are too many drunks, depressives and those who are 'high maintenance.' And if there's any drugs going around, well...

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