Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Moon in Scorpio - for your information

Wednesday 10th August

Moon in Scorpio – "for your information"
 “Damn this moon” LOL, allow me to elaborate. A dear friend of mine (a Scorpio) asked me if I would do something for her and when I explored what she was asking me it involved FaceBook (which I’d given away/deactivated over 12 months ago) reluctant as I was to "walk the scary dark alley" and enter the world of ‘LIKES’ I gave it a go only to find nothing had changed…
 In fact everything, I’d posted over the years was still there and "being commented upon" as if it was still current, I began a 'clean-up' (and we all know how difficult that is) but gave up in the end so if you’re ever on FaceBook you’ll come across many a post from my past – just remember it’s from the past…
When we enter the Moon in Sagittarius (later this week) it’s been a month since I began this blog on a regular basis and will continue for I’m finding the inspiration to write short pieces on a variety of topics and will keep you posted.
 Until the Moon returns to Sagittarius – enjoy your day.

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