Saturday, August 13, 2016

Moon in Sagittarius - for your information

Moon in Sagittarius – for your information

 Today (Saturday 13th) Saturn will begin his forward motion so get ready to party, no matter what sign you are. Look up the meaning of the word ‘party’ and you’ll find meanings such as social gatherings, festivities, merry making and celebrations all of which are on the agenda for some.

Just in case you find yourself having a party here’s something different you can do with all those paper plates hiding in your kitchen cupboard – be creative and enjoy the comments from those who admire originality.
Don’t know about you but (being Sag) I’m looking forward to the moment Saturn reaches 16 degrees (around November) when he’ll enter my 1st house… As many of you know I use the solar chart and all I have to do (and you can as well) is look back to October 1987 (when I travelled overseas) and will be watching for similar patterns - "you should do the same."
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