Monday, August 1, 2016

Moon in Cancer - For Your Information (FYI)

Moon in Cancer – For your information - Monday 1st of August


Little did I know when I posted the information regarding this Moon (all to do with the home and environment) that I’d find myself painting a couple of fence posts I’d been putting off for weeks – bringing me great joy and satisfaction. Then, today a friend came around and asked me to fix her kitchen tap – talk about doing things around the house!

 Even though this all sounds minor it shows, in some small way the accuracy of the Moon at work – becoming conscious and aware of the little things will surely lead to bigger things (more so when using the information at the New Moon) which I’ll be posting later for when we focus on what we desire at the New Moon (and with practise comes success.) Read the instructions from my featured post (on the right) titled Lunar Astrology and if you’re  interested in having more detailed information sent to your Inbox subscribe to my Newsletter (it’s free) be inspired, motivated and stimulated in using your Moon to bring you the success you seek.

 “Until the New Moon in Leo – time to finish those little jobs that need completion”

On a more serious note I found myself reflecting on the past (another trait associated with the Cancer Moon) – what about you?



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