Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Moon Diary - New Moon in Leo - For your information

Wednesday 3rd August
Little did I know when I posted yesterday I'd be inspire, well, not inspired but cajoled by my Moon to refresh and re-vitalise my association with eZineArticles where over the years I've written and published numerous articles on a variety of topics, all of which you can view by clicking/tapping the picture below.
As most of you know (or, will soon learn) I'm a Sun Sagittarian with a Sag Moon, Venus in Sag, Sagittarian Ascendant and Chiron in Sag (all of which I'll be mentioning as time goes by) to remind you of what I posted (yesterday) regarding Sag - "to think outside the box" and boy was I surprised to hear my Moon (Subconscious) chattering to me all night! And now, with Saturn transiting Sag it's time to get down and dirty and share my knowledge/experiences/insights
Since I've come out of 'retirement' (which sucks) and returning to what I love and love what I do - allow me to share with you my passion for Astrology and Numerology by clicking the picture below and reading what I've written over the years - feel free to share with your social buddies, family and friends anything that interests you.
Articles for your enjoyment

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