Thursday, August 4, 2016

Moon Diary - Moon in Virgo

Thursday 4th August 2016

 Later today the Moon will enter Virgo and you should notice a change in moon when this happens. There’ll be a few priorities that need attention, bills to be paid, tax completed, census to be considered, tradesmen to call and so on, it’s a couple of days for taking care of business, increasing your efficiency by re-organising or simply working enthusiastically and above all else a couple of days to think about your  WELLBEING. Keep yourself busy, prioritise, for when the Moon is here (no matter what your sun sign) it's time for some self-improvement.
 Over the next couple of days think about your diet, health routines, and your work, life balance for you just might, might be ‘out of kilter’ therefore critical thinking is called for – but don’t over-analyse. As the Moon ‘settles’ into any sign (around the half way mark, you become aware of its influence) and  when the Moon is half way through Virgo there’ll be people around you who’ll be critical, nit picking and sarcastic ( if you 'buy' into their criticisms you get what you deserve! ) For those who visit the gym be prepared for someone to comment on your cellulite, flabby abs, varicose veins, bald head – you know what I mean so if you’re a regular gym junkie – a day off should be considered!
This is a mutable EARTH and different to the Moon in Leo and ‘nose to the grindstone’ – work, work and more work - seek gainful employment if dissatisfied with your daily drudge…
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Until tomorrow - enjoy your day
 "I'm off to do some carpentry projects - aka Moon in Virgo"

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