Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Moon Diary - Moon in Scorpio

Tuesday 9th August

No matter what your sign - consider the following
Moon in Scorpio: The keyword for this time is: TRANSFORMATION.  Looking for some excitement in your life, wanting a little danger – this is the time you’ve been waiting for!  The Moon is in its detriment in Scorpio and people (even you) can be a little secretive!  A time of empowerment and self mastery, focus on issues of intimacy, you’ll experience an increased awareness of others—“what makes them tick” —as well as your own internal motivations!  
 It’s also a favourable time to start a financial plan, a savings plan, taking out a loan or consolidating what you already have. Be careful walking down dark alleyways, visiting places you wouldn't normally visit!  On the other side of the coin, this is a time for serious self-analysis and to sort out what you want from life. People often re-invent themselves during this Moon as something or someone ‘dies’ in order to make room for something or someone new!
Again, we experience a WATER Moon where you’ll crave deeper experiences and more powerful bonds – harmony and balance might take a ‘back seat’ as you search for something or someone with more depth.
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Just a mention to all Sagittarians (and all fire signs) Saturn will soon move forward in Sag (13th) where your energy and inspirations will 'fire up' ("about time I hear your say")
Until tomorrow - enjoy your day

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