Monday, July 18, 2016

Moon Diary- Moon in Caprcorn

18th July 2016
Moon in Capricorn: Not an easy position for the Moon where deep down, lie memories of needs unfulfilled! There’s a heightened sensitivity of your standing in society and current goals for constructive progress are highlighted where goals toward self-mastery and self-discipline should be a priority. This phase asks you to become organised, particularly in areas of career and your ambitions for the future - get organised NOW. Stop reflecting, stop imagining and start living in the moment! Develop and devise new business plans and goals, become more ‘strategic’ and bring renewal, reinvigoration and rebirth to your career and ambitions. Are you being seen as a winner or loser, do you think of yourself as a success or failure?  If your life is in chaos, it's time to bring order and structure, if your life is too structured or regimental then it's time for some 'de-structuring.'

This is also a FULL MOON and believe me whatever is happening at this time (success or failure) is a reflection of what did or did not do at the previous New Moon (about a fortnight ago) take a few moments and consider the following: “if life is pissing you off, it’s up to you to do something about it” “If life is satisfying and you’re riding high be careful of being seen as pompous, arrogant and superior…”

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