Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Moon in Aries for moi (a Sagittarian)

Little did I know when I posted the moon in Aries (yesterday) that I'd be as creative all day today...
I received word that my e-books had to be updated (more changes) so, after proof reading over 88,000 words it's all done - talk about the influence of the Moon! Time for a laugh...

Tomorrow the Moon will move into Taurus so back to work it'll be and for those who've been in touch regarding a consultation - you'll be hearing from me soon.

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Suzanne Rutherford-Perkins said...

Hello Thomas
Well what can one I say. You always know how to catch the attention of your loyal following.
I have always enjoyed your wit this clip was insanely hilarious till the splat !!!!
Talk about sitting up and taking notice. It mayed me realise none of us are infallible and our lives will never be black or white.
So many constants to work through, decision making is not always easy.
We can also take life so seriously and miss the chance to be amused and laugh at ourselves and enjoy being around friends and love ones.
It's always a pleasure to see you rise from the ASHES !!!
With your views and knowledge which has an impact on all of us that need to a look at our houses the rulers of the houses.
Focusing on the moon and the effects it has on everything we do no matter who you are.
Fisherman count on the facets of the moon. Regarding the success of their catch timing is everthing and the moon controls the tides.
Growers of crops that feed the millions without the MOON and the SUN life would certainly be non-excistaned.
I'd really would like to say how good it is to see you back on top of things. Looking forward to following your work. Maybe catching a work shop or two.
Wishing you well and success
One of the faithful
Suzanne XX ������