Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Moon Diary - Moon in Taurus

Wednesday 27th July 2016 - Moon in the sign of the 'Bull'
No matter your Sun Sign - return here every few days for inspirations, comments and guidelines as offered by the Moon 
Moon in Taurus:  Express yourself with confidence, sensuality and sexually (even if those around you appear conservative and straight-laced!) Heightened sensitivity to the five senses, to your physical environment and appreciation of the physical world, over the next few days (weather permitting) working in the garden, clearing out any clutter and when you’ve completed these little projects and if you have any spare cash treating yourself to a new outfit or enjoying a meal in a restaurant. Financial issues come into focus where setting realistic goals should be a priority, formulating a budget and sensible financial planning is what this Moon is all about. Discover new ways to increase your income, be creative, innovative and original (forget any get-rich quick schemes, be realistic) Keeping in mind it’s also a time for taking some time out and pleasure yourself through earthy, tactile, and comforting endeavours. The keyword for this time is: SENSUALITY. This is an EARTH Moon, time to seek security and finding your sanctuary – keep in mind the ‘world’ you inhabit is your physical body - nourish it.
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