Saturday, July 23, 2016

Moon Diary - Moon in Pisces

July 23rd 2016
Every couple of days the Moon changes sign where  you'll feel a little different or, finding yourself focussing a little more - all good for when we're "down in the dumps" it only takes a couple of days for things to me.
Moon in Pisces: The keyword for this period is:  RELAXATION. This is a period of review, letting go, and recharging the spiritual and in effect your physical "batteries." Some kind of soul-searching is in order and the urge to find some level of emotional / spiritual peace will be apparent. This is a sensitive Moon and best for finding the “soul within the self.”
Relax and go with the flow for you might feel a tad vulnerable, weak or helpless during this time! Listen to your favourite music, watch an old movie, pamper yourself and you'll feel better. You need a little 'something' light your candles; make your affirmations, cast those spells and bring whatever it is you want from life into reality – “just be patient!” If you find yourself walking around with a 'hang dog' look who can you blame if people choose to ignore you?

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