Friday, July 29, 2016

Moon Diary - Moon in Gemini

From Friday 29th  July
Moon in Gemini: There's need for stimulation; challenge and some variety in your life this weekend, create it. The keyword for this time is: COMMUNICATION, listen to what others are saying, don’t appear fickle, fidgety or chattering like a “demented budgie!” and if you want to say something, think before you speak. Soon, the Moon will oppose Saturn and Mars (briefly) where, for a short period, you might feel “down in the dumps” or, out of sorts - this’ll pass quickly so  don’t become melancholic if you hear upsetting news or, feel a tad frustrated with your computer, phone or, telecommunications company - there’s always a crisis or outage going on somewhere…

This is an AIR Moon where your curiosity should be ignited, new friendships can be formed, doors of opportunity ‘open’ and you’ll want to explore the world at large – reaching out to others in a conversational manner – aka your favourite chat site. This Moon rules our communication skills, learning abilities and social interactions - could be a busy weekend for some, a quiet one for others! No matter, it’s a good weekend (apart from the brief opposition with Saturn and Mars) where reading a good book, watching an action movie or catching up with a friend or two. If Gemini, this weekend is all about YOU, if Libra you can expect to hear from someone overseas! If Aquarian, a long lost love might be in touch!
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