Sunday, July 31, 2016

Moon Diary - Moon in Cancer

31st of July 2016
No matter your Sun Sign the Moon is in Cancer for the next couple of days: The keyword for this time is: LIFESTYLE. Home and family will be your main focus. On a personal level, listen to your ‘gut feelings’ - ask what makes you feel safe and secure for issues of intimacy and vulnerability come to the surface. Being a Cancerian Moon any re-organising or re-modelling of the home or home environment will bring you inner joy and pleasure for the Moon is at ‘home’ in the sign of Cancer.
Your creative imagination will be 'firing on all cylinders' - listen to what you hear from your inner self and act upon what you hear. This is a WATER Moon and a time to build the future from the knowledge of the past – make plans for if you don’t - you’ll only repeat the same ol’ same ol’ “who needs to be on the same roundabout over and over? “
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And if you feel you cannot do anything watch this clip - it'll make you feel good...

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