Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Moon Diary - Moon in Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius - July 20th 2016
Moon in Aquarius: The keyword for this period is ORIGINALITY. It’s time to network; make contacts, to join with others in group’s activities where you share a common interest. This Moon asks you seek others on the ‘same page’ having the same interests and a similar mindset. It’s time to make contacts and connections, reaching out in both a social and professional sense, time to turn your inner restlessness into making productive contacts.
Goals will be achieved by networking, making connections and joining or strengthening ties with others on the ‘same page.’ This Moon is all about friendships, companionships and relating to others “for believe or not, we never know who we really are until we share our thoughts with others!”
Aries will ask: “who am I?” Taurus will ask: “what is my worth?” Gemini will speculate: “how can I learn?” Cancer will ponder: “where do I belong?” Leo will ask: “what is my importance?” Virgo will pose: “how can I adapt?” Libra will contemplate: “how can I relate better?” Scorpio will ask: ”What can I change?” Sagittarius will wonder: “how far can I go?” Capricorn’s will ask the question: “what is my social role?” Aquarius will wonder: “what more can I do?” and Pisces will inquire: “is it really possible?”

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Ann said...

Well nice to have you back we all like to disappear for a bit but your alive its a great thing your now doing good to see, look forward to more. Love ann