Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lunar Astrology

It gives me great pleasure to present these 'instructions' and ask you use them to bring about whatever it is you want from your life. Before I do, can I offer the following information for your consideration.

         To give a brief explanation: the Moon points to a basic emotional need. Remember this, for it will help understand your needs rather than your wants. For example: Moon in Cancer gives the emotional need for home and family, in Taurus for roots and stability. These are needs and when understood can help cope with those moments of depression (which the Moon also ’rules’) when your needs are not being met. Have you ever wanted something and couldn't afford it yet bought it anyway? This is your Sun sign talking to you (the Sun rules the ego). Have you ever felt absolutely happy with your lot in life? This is the Moon talking to you for she is supplying your needs. Sure, they'll always be fluctuations (we all know about the phases of the Moon) but once you understand your needs versus your wants they will always be met. In understanding this, know in your heart the Moon will always supply whatever it is you need.

        On or near the New Moon you need to do some 'imagining.'  First of all consider the following: Are we the master's of our own fate or, mere actor's playing to a script written long before we were born? Remember: A person's inner development and growth is subject to his or her own free will and your attitude to things 'inner' is the first step in mastering outside events for it's not what happens to you it's how you react to them. Know it or not, we're all born to a certain predestined set of outside circumstances (a jockey for example, would not make a good basketball player and vice versa) that we can master by our inner attitude – either positive or negative reactions.
        By changing our inner attitude we bring about changes in our outer conditions. This is a fact of life we must never, never forget. Your state of being attracts into your life whatever you dwell upon. If you think negative you will attract negative. If you think positive you will attract positive, there is no other way. Another example: a stove is built for cooking, but what gets cooked is a matter of choice. Look at your Sun Sign for if you are a Pisces there's no point in trying to be a Sagittarian for the structure is different. Sure, you can incorporate certain Sagittarian traits but you are still a Pisces (or whatever sign you are). "You are who you are."
        The New Moon is all about 'emergence' and soon you surface from the dark into the light having no idea as to what’s in store yet, possessing an inner confidence of knowing whatever lies ahead is meant for you. At this stage do not attempt to make things happen nor judge what is happening to you. Accept the experience of your 'birth.' At the New Moon, the Moon and Sun are in alignment there’s a ‘union’ of creative potential (Sun) and unconscious receptivity (Moon)...

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