Thursday, July 14, 2016

Birth Number Two- "the home maker"

Birth Number Two

"For those born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month"

 You have an affinity with people born in the sign of Cancer; no matter what year they were born. Whenever you meet such people you must consider the possibility that you have met them before in some other time. You are emotional, sentimental and compassionate. Being a feeling sort of person you can be moody, and easily affected by your environment or the moods of others. Although not aggressive, you often attract aggressive people into your life, responding to them with subtlety and shrewdness. Deep down you possess ambition and will support people who are striving to reach the top. Having a need for recognition, you aim to please others and can feel rejected if you feel your efforts are not fully appreciated.

You love your home and have respect for the family, and heaven help anyone who comes between you and yours. Because you have a tendency to worry about your family and loved ones, you’ll sometimes find yourself swamped by their problems.  Try to keep your mind busy and maintain an even balance. Surround yourself with as many interesting people as possible so that your mind is kept active. Allowing your imagination to get out of control can manifest in extremes of moods, causing restlessness or depression. If confronted by the unusual or unconventional you may procrastinate, thereby missing out on some of life’s golden moments. Money and material possessions are important to your emotional security, although there will be many ups and downs in acquiring this security. Learn from past mistakes and when you look back on your life be constructive with your thinking. You need to work with people and in doing so you are likely to make many lasting friendships. This will create a good balance for you as you can be inclined to be too involved in family matters.

You have a good memory (some would say too good!), remembering things others forget. Learn to have faith in your memory, even if others contradict you. Your feathers are not easily ruffled, unless someone tries to take something away from you – then the world had better watch out! You make a good friend, yet can carry any hurt or slight for a long time, refusing to let go. If you live in a secure neighbourhood life will be kind to you, if you live in an insecure neighbourhood you’ll find yourself threatened by your environment. At all times you must listen to your intuition when you find yourself in any strange place. You are caring and nurturing by nature.

Being sensitive (too sensitive) to your environment could bring many moments of apprehension when you feel something is beyond your control. Having a domestic and nurturing nature makes you a natural parent and carer, with others finding strength in you during their moments of crisis. During life you are likely to form friendships with many people, some of whom may be in the public eye. You’d also like to be the centre of attention wouldn’t you? Let’s keep this our little secret, for not everyone knows.

Between the ages 27 and 29 there will be events and happenings that will form the foundations of your future. Expect a period of great activity in your life, if this time has passed please look back and think about what you went through then. Was there a time of travel, a time of mental stimulation, a change in lifestyle? If you have not yet reached this period you should look forward to it and make plans accordingly.  Have you made a will? It’s important to make clear your wishes of what your family should do with your body at the time of your death. Even though Number Two is all about security and stability, towards the end of life there could be many changes in lifestyle, even changes of residence. Possessions, property, so-called material security are all important for you in the early part of life, but towards the end of life you may wish to give it all away!

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