Thursday, July 14, 2016

Birth Number Three "the perfectionist"

Birth Number Three

 "For those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th of any month"

 You have an affinity with those born in the sign of Sagittarius, no matter what their year of birth. Whenever you meet anyone born in this sign you should understand you have, in some way, known this person before.  There is a wealth of contradictory traits associated with the Number Three. You are a good teacher, instructor and possess leadership qualities. You can be honest and straightforward, as well as helpful to those who have lost their way. On the other hand, you can be critical, dictatorial, inconsiderate and lazy (maybe lacking in motivation?). There will be times when you can be an extremist and exaggerate the truth, and from time to time you will be inclined to exploit people or situations for your own advantage. You like to get things done your way and can be impatient with those around you, as you are a perfectionist at times. You have a natural way with words and often charm those whom you want to impress with your wit and anecdotes and at times you might even be all words and no action.

You tend to have an arrogant attitude that, if you are not careful, will turn people away from you. While you may or may not acknowledge some of these characteristics keep in mind, what you are reading will be tempered by age, education and background. Your number indicates all tests, trials and tribulations and if you have faith in an inner power you will pass your tests and grow accordingly. When the chips are down, when your back is to the wall, or even when you are in the gutter, your prayers are answered. You are a survivor in the game of life and will survive, no matter what. There will be a few involvements with the legal system in your life, with lawyers, solicitors, and courts of law. You are advised to develop a rapport with your family solicitor and consult his/her advice whenever things get tough. Although you have an optimistic outlook on life, not everything is guaranteed to come up smelling like roses all of the time.

When things go wrong for a Number Three they go wrong in a big way and yet, you still manage to come through better than ever. You find it difficult to play it safe, as you love the challenge of taking a risk. Success comes to those who have a confident attitude and, hopefully, you have discovered your ‘happy-go-lucky’ nature, for this will help you when times get tough, as they will occasionally. Number Three is all about journeys of both the mind and body. In your everyday environment you need variety, change and plenty of stimulus, as you have the capacity to handle many things at once, but be careful of appearing over-confident. Romance and adventure are necessary in your life (if not, why not?) for you possess a sociable and pleasure-loving disposition. You have arrogance and a love of display, which can often hinder you from getting your own way.

All things considered, you are a tonic for those going through the upset of illness, the confusion of divorce, or the loss of a job. Also, you are good company to those who are going through the sadness of death. Just make sure you are not too flippant in your approach, or too blunt in your remarks, as not everyone has your faith, fortitude and inner confidence. Learn to relate to other people in a casual, easy-going, carefree manner for they often see you as being more fortunate than them. If this is so, don’t rub it in, for you’ll only make enemies. Your number is linked to the word luck and although you won’t see it as luck (more a way of life), others will often envy those moments in your life when you seem to accomplish or achieve whatever it is you set out to do.  Life cannot be held static and if you attempt to cling to outworn ideas, values and principles, it will be destructive. Life always changes its course with or without our permission.

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