Thursday, July 14, 2016

Birth Number Seven "according to the day you were born"

Birth Number Seven

 "For those born on the 7th, 16th, 25th of any month"

You have an affinity with people born in the astrological sign of Pisces, no matter the year of birth. Whenever you meet people born in this sign you must consider the possibility of having met them before, somehow, somewhere, in some other time. You are sympathetic to the rights and needs of others but if you are not careful there is a tendency for you to become too involved in their lives and instead of helping them, you find yourself in the same boat. Matters of the spirit will dominate your thinking every so often. Asking questions about the meaning of life will occupy many of your days and nights. Being sensitive (maybe even hiding your sensitivity under a mask of stoicism) you will experience extremes of temperament.

 At times you will be cheerful and optimistic and when you express this side of your nature, together with a degree of empathy and understanding for others who are in trouble or in difficulty, you will create considerable popularity for yourself and make much progress. On the other hand, you can give way to extreme sensitiveness and allow yourself to feel hurt at the careless speech or thoughtless actions of others, with you hiding behind an air of apparent indifference. You can be refined, gentle, vague and imaginative, a dreamer of dreams that often become a reality. In the eyes of others you possess glamour, charisma and magnetism. You may not see these qualities in yourself, which is just as well as this number is also inclined to be lazy, self-indulgent and fond of luxury. There is something refined about you that, at times, are difficult to put one’s finger upon. You may even keep your hobbies such as poetry, music, art, writing, sculpture, etc. and a secret from others. If that’s the case, why do you wish to keep others out of your inner world?

Although you possess a keen mind, you can become overly attached to the intellectual. Your number is about asking questions and seeking answers. Intuition, which is often more accurate than mere intellect, is at your disposal, so why not learn to trust in this faster form of logic? When balanced you are the excellent analyst, a seeker of truth. When not so balanced you are sceptical, critical and often suffer from an inferiority complex. During life there are likely to be many changes of residence in store for you with you either mortgaging and re-mortgaging, or else being the victim of deceitful landlords. Ask yourself what it is you are looking for in life, where you live and the kind of lifestyle you would like. In all matters to do with real estate you must endeavour to protect your own interests, more so if you inherit any property or legacy. In choosing a home or lifestyle for yourself try to live near water, or at least spend as much time in or near water so that you may benefit from the healing properties which water has over your number.

According to your number there are a few puzzling indications about your declining years. The latter years could see an extraordinary amount of travel, sailing the seven seas, perhaps? There could be a time spent in hospitals, nursing homes or similar institutions. If the early years were spent alone, the latter years will be spent forming new and stimulating friendships. Be careful of licentious habits, depraved desires, erotic thoughts and unnatural acts. If this is not about you, then there will come a time when someone enters your life that fits into the above picture – our friends are often an externalisation of ourselves...

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