Thursday, July 14, 2016

Birth Number One according to Numerology

Birth Number One

"For those born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month"

You have an affinity with people born in the astrological sign of Leo. When you meet such people (male or female), consider the possibility that you have met them before somehow, somewhere, in some other time. Any contact during this life is all about the memories of another time being brought to the surface. Whether you respond consciously or not to these memories is not important, there will be a recognition on some level of your being.

You can be quite assertive when you need to be and when in harmony with yourself you are strong-willed and ambitious to succeed. You are likely to enjoy positions of authority over others and, as long as you don’t allow power to go to your head, you will be regarded as a person of leadership. Sure, you have your faults and they can include arrogance, pig-headedness, a somewhat condescending and patronising attitude to others, and an inclination to be bombastic when you don’t get your own way. At times you’ll bully others to get your own way. Could this be a cover-up for your own insecurity?

You give the impression of having your act together even when you don’t. (Actors have this number strong in their charts.) Although you enjoy being on your own, you actually accomplish more when you are in a relationship. You need a companion who supports your aims and ambitions (boosting your ego, maybe?). Possessing many creative talents, you should try to develop your ideas to their fullest potential. When balanced you are a born organiser and have consideration for others.

When unbalanced you will often procrastinate for no good reason, missing out on many opportunities. At times you can be very stubborn and won’t listen to reason. Although you are likely to have a reserved and responsible perspective on the world, there will be times when you will act in a childish manner causing those who know you to be taken aback by your behaviour. In this life it is important for you to learn to set the example, so dramatise your ideas and assert your authority. Love the world and everything in it and the world will love you in return. All things petty should be beneath you. Learn to sell yourself in the best possible way, be proud of your achievements and discover your true sense of identity.

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