Thursday, July 14, 2016

Birth Number Nine - "the survivor"

Birth Number Nine
"For those born on the 9th, 18th, 27th of any month"

 You have an affinity with people born in the astrological signs of Aries and Scorpio, no matter what their year of birth. When you meet anyone born in these signs, be aware that some contact is being made with a life previous to this one and these signs will bring some strange thoughts, memories, emotions and feelings to the surface of your mind. The life you are likely to lead will appear to be somewhat larger than life to those around you. You possess knowledge and wisdom and have returned to teach what you know. So why not develop your communication skills so that your words are understood? You can be inspirational to others or jealous of another’s success, as well as intuitive and perceptive and sometimes oblivious to advice. You are also self-assured, assertive, boastful and tactless.

 A born organiser, you are a natural leader and a fighter. But you should make the time and effort to focus your thinking on your own personal life. In doing so you will achieve the success you crave. You are resourceful, yet impatient and if your expectations are not met immediately you can become destructive. It’s likely you will have a loud powerful voice that could be discordant on the ears of your listeners, so learn to speak more softly. Have patience with those who do not have the same drive as yourself and avoid your tendency to nag. Having an abundance of energy, it will be necessary for you to find an outlet for your emotions.

 For many people born to Number Nine thoughts of sex often dominate their thinking. This only becomes a problem if you have a partner who is not as interested in the physical aspect of sex as you. You like your comforts, yet there will be moments when you will sleep rough, so to speak. But there will also be moments of luxury. Life is a roller coaster and as long as you don’t lose faith in yourself you will survive. In fact, survival is something you are very good at We all make choices in life and you have made a few whoppers, haven’t you? They say that life is a stage and we each must play a part. Well, your part is the fighter. Not everyone appeals to you, nor do you appeal to all people, as you tend to ruffle other people’s feathers. Learn to focus your thinking, particularly on financial affairs and you will achieve more than you have ever dreamt about. Avoid any so-called get-rich-quick schemes and apply your energy into projects with some substance.

 Being a person of tremendous energy you thrive on the challenge of change. However, acting on impulse, hastily or without a sufficient plan of action, which you are prone to do, will bring disappointments and mishaps. Interestingly enough, you often set up adverse conditions without knowing it. Life would be a great deal simpler if you took the time to plan a little. People, even those close to you, such as brothers, sisters, neighbours, are often troublesome or tiresome to you. Remember, a little tact often works wonders. Impatience is a good keyword for Number Nine and whether you agree or disagree you are unlikely to suffer fools gladly. You are both curious and aggressive and may come on too strong for lesser mortals, sometimes using sarcasm in the name of wit. Your early environment, early schooling and early childhood may have been turbulent in some way with you having to prove yourself. Often as not you may feel as though you were born into the wrong family or the wrong environment. This is certainly not the case, as each and every one of us chooses to be born and the choices you made, long before you were born, were the right choices.

 You’ll expend a lot of energy on making improvements to your home and environment. You like to be something of an expert on everything! Learn to trust in the trades-people you employ and don’t stand over them. Don’t make the mistake of doing everything yourself and then having to call in the professionals to undo all the work you’ve done wrong. Your self-esteem suffers more than you know when things don’t end up looking as they do in those glossy magazines. We all lose our parents eventually, each one of us coping with our loss in a different way and you are no exception. However, according to your number, a legacy (not just financial) is almost certainly assured. Being an independent sort of person you are advised to leave your birthplace and establish your home elsewhere. In this way, harmony with your family (the family you were born into) is easier to maintain.

Too much close contact with family members, including your mother, father, brothers and sisters, can bring old wounds to the surface, causing tension. No matter where you live, keep all your involvements with neighbours to a minimum. When you have discussions, disputes or debates with those in your neighbourhood please be diplomatic and as tactful as possible. You have a tendency to come on too strong, thereby creating animosity and obstacles.  “Act now and think later” often sums up your personality, and hopefully as the years go by you’ll think now and act later, thereby becoming wiser and more mature. You have an aggression that must find its outlet somewhere and getting involved with community issues is one way of letting off steam. You like nothing better than a good battle and you also have a talent for encouraging others to fight for whatever it is they believe. How are you in relating to others?

Do you find it easy to talk about your needs, desires, and ambitions? Or are you burdened with shyness? For life sometimes pushes us around so much that we retreat into ourselves, something you cannot afford to do. Let me explain, if you are a shy Number Nine you’ll attract dominant, aggressive, violent people into your life, maybe even marrying someone who treats you with contempt...

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