Thursday, July 14, 2016

Birth Number Four - "you know who you are!"

Birth Number Four

 "For those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st of any month"

You have an affinity with people born in the astrological sign of Aquarius, no matter what year they were born. Whenever you meet people (male or female) born in this sign you must consider the possibility that you have met them before somehow, somewhere, in some other time. Your breadth of vision and insight can make you a leader and sometimes ahead of your time. Learn to follow your own intuition; believe in and live up to your own code of ethics. You tend to under-estimate yourself, but attract a lot of attention from others and wonder why. It’s because people feel at ease with you and are comfortable in your company. Is this because of your magnetic charm or your screwball approach to things? Being direct and outspoken, you don’t suffer fools gladly, yet you attract people with problems, like flowers attract bees.

 Sure, you have faults like everyone else and some of your negative traits include tactlessness, insincerity, abruptness and perversity. You can also be very dictatorial when you want to be. People can lead you, but they can’t force you into doing anything you don’t want to do. Oh yes, you can be very obstinate when you want to be. In your physical appearance you will be attractive in an unusual sort of way, for there’s something about you which sets you apart from others. Are you an odd shape or do you have some physical handicap? People with this number are usually ‘different’ in more ways than one, some being extremely attractive (models, actors, etc.) and others an odd shape.

There will be many sudden and unexpected changes that will happen to you and they are not always pleasant. With very little warning, your life is likely to change direction with you having very little control over it, but in times of crisis you seem to thrive better than most. Do you subconsciously create your own complications? Think about this. You run your own race, as your value system is different from others and you won’t be bullied into accepting anything, unless it feels right for you. Some would call you unorthodox and you often take the side of the underdog. Because of your individuality, you may at times feel you were born in the wrong time. Whatever you fear you must, sooner or later, face it. If you fear  losing your possessions, you will be called upon to face it. If you fear ill-health, you will have to face your fear. Examine your fears and try to put them into perspective. You must face these fears in order to progress.

 Let’s look at how you communicate and the world around you. Your thinking is quite original and in no way conventional. Because you have an inherent restlessness you are unlikely to remain in one location throughout your entire life. If, through circumstances, you are restricted to one place then you will see many changes to it. For example, if you lived in one house all your life, you would see many changes of neighbours or the actual decor of the house would change appearance often. If you have brothers and sisters you may find correspondence difficult, either because of distance or as a result of some handicap. You will have some contact with the emotionally or mentally disturbed (even a family member). At some stage, you will become involved in social issues and reforms. You will be interested in the environment, so please contribute as you have a lot to offer. There will be many times when you will feel misunderstood and you should look at your communication skills. When you are assertive you can be too serious, brusque or demanding, and at times very dogmatic. However, you won’t ask others to do what you cannot do yourself. When passive you can be lazy and resistant to new ideas, and even narrow-minded.

 When someone puts an intellectual argument your way, at the wrong time, you will fight this intellectualism by taking the opposite viewpoint, thereby frustrating any logical debate. But when you have your act together you are loyal, consistent, patient, organised and economical – an OK sort of person. Keep uppermost in your mind that this life you have chosen will be filled with many surprises and crises. Learn to take one day at a time and accept that whatever happens is necessary for your development. Just when you feel your life is secure, along comes another challenge and with it comes change. No one can call you a coward, yet you have many fears and phobias which you judge to be cowardly. Could it be that in another life, another time, you were called upon to act and you failed to do so?

Learn to laugh at yourself and not take life so seriously. Being nervous and highly strung, it is important that you learn to relax more. Your number is liable to be involved in accidents, as well as being held responsible for them, sometimes quite unfairly. In a peculiar sort of way, Mother Nature can become your enemy and on occasion involve you in some way in natural catastrophes.

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