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Birth Number Five - "there's a lot I want to say to you"

Birth Number Five

 "For those born on the 5th 14th: 23rd of any month"

 You have an affinity with people born in the astrological signs of Gemini and Virgo. Whenever you meet these signs you must consider the possibility that you have met them before, somehow, somewhere, in some other time. Number Five will make you a highly inquisitive sort of person who is able to adapt to any environment. You have a need for variety and change and if this gets out of hand you will be seen as unstable. Having this number makes you very aware of what other people think about you.

Whilst you possess both intuition and inspiration you are advised to take the time and trouble to develop your ideas. Learn to focus your thoughts and be seen as someone who accomplishes what they say they will accomplish. On the negative side you could be so full of hot air that no one really listens to you because they have heard it all before. Restless by nature you will travel throughout your life and meet many people along the way. While you are likely to make many acquaintances during your life, long-term friendships may be a bit thin on the ground. You enjoy your freedom so much that anyone who tries to constrain you had better know what they are doing.

Of all the numbers you are the chameleon, reflecting your environment so much that you can even lose sight of your own identity. In fact, this is something which you will puzzle over as there will be many times when you will consider the question: Who am I? Your life will be filled with many turning points and you will be unable to resist the many challenges for change which come your way. Sometimes you may be seen as someone who lacks depth. You’ll also give the impression of intelligence, or is that cunning. Being mercurial by nature you are never what you seem, and having a dual side to your nature you are able to get on well with both males and females, sometimes to the point of manipulating them for your own financial ends. You’ll enjoy the city life more than you know – restaurants, theatres, galleries and museums are all on the agenda for you. Being seen in the right place with the right people is what your number is all about.

You are likely also to know quite a few interesting people and even some with a devious past. Crooks, con artists and criminals are usually encountered at some time in your life. As a youngster you were vocal, bawling from the cradle to get attention. You also learned to walk at an early age, didn’t you? Your parents may have fussed over you and stressed the need for you to keep clean and tidy. This may even be a problem in your life now, with you constantly grooming yourself. You learned quickly at school and if you didn’t you may have regrets now about not having paid attention earlier. The world called you at an early age with all its delights and pitfalls, as you were fascinated by the goings on beyond your garden gate. Being able to go anywhere at anytime is important to you. The ability to drive a car will make this easier for you.

You possess a quick mentality, being both perceptive and analytical should make you a good communicator who is able to mix business with pleasure. In fact, the more you converse with others the more your mental powers increase.  However, you must learn to concentrate on one subject at a time and not appear frivolous. If you find it difficult to concentrate on one thing for any length of time be aware of the potential risks to your mental health, as this could create stress and anxiety and increase the risk of nervous collapse. In your social life please be careful of appearing too critical of others and try not to be a gossip. There is the likelihood of you, at some stage in life, being a victim of deceit, so please be very careful with all documents you sign and make sure you double-check the contents. Do not place too much trust in others to look after your interests. It’s better to study all documents and agreements before signing. Keep in mind, the more important the document and the more urgency to sign the more likely it is you will become the victim of fraud, deceit or double-dealing. Do you smoke? If the answer is yes then I must ask you to seriously think about quitting. If you don’t smoke then I ask you: Were you brought up in a smoke-filled environment? According to your number, you need plenty of fresh air and if you don’t get it your health will suffer.

You will be house-conscious, always wanting your home to look good just in case you receive any unexpected visitors. It is likely you will live in a few houses during your lifetime. You may move as a result of a job or career changes, or you might just move for the sheer sake of moving. If you were to invest in real estate, such as buying houses and renovating them, you would soon make your fortune. If, through necessity or even family responsibility, you were ever confined to one place you would find yourself changing the paint, wallpaper, and the furniture on a regular basis. Boredom leads to frustration and if you cannot find an outlet for any pent-up frustrations, you will only internalise them which may cause ill health. If you have no desire for a life of roaming the globe then you must create a lifestyle where you might be physically stationary, but mentally active. Mental activity is something you should consciously encourage.

You are the type of person who needs to be surrounded by beauty. When you collect things be aware of other people’s envy and if you are not discriminating in the company you keep, you may find others causing trouble behind your back. Your number often indicates that someone whom you have invited into your house will actually take something belonging to you. Those who are born to your number often have the greatest difficulty in being themselves and this is often because in childhood you may have been told to behave in a certain way. This has made you conscious of your every word, movement and action. Was your childhood a happy one?   At this point in your life, can you honestly say that you are being yourself or are you still conscious, in the back of your mind, of your childhood training?   Sometimes, this can make you absolutely paranoid, think about it and if you are still trying to live up to an image determined by others maybe it’s time you changed.

By the way, if you have any children be careful of repeating this pattern, albeit unconsciously. I have seen, in my many years of practice, people with your number reflecting their surroundings more than they know and constantly adapting and adjusting to the world they live in without actually making a dent in it. If you find that you are reflecting the world around you, or even mimicking your partner, then it’s time to discover your own identity and let the world you live in know that you exist. Stand up and be counted. You like to entertain and you will attempt do so on a grand scale, trying to create a lasting impression. People find you fascinating; yet often talk about you behind your back.

You should never share your confidential matters too freely with friends, neighbours and family, for there’s every indication those who are the closest to you are secretly jealous of you! Learn to use discrimination in your choice of friends and acquaintances and if you have not done so by now, it’s a must for the future. If ever you were to become famous you would be a good candidate for blackmail. Even living an ordinary, everyday life you are likely to receive a few upsetting letters or phone calls. Make some time to examine your fears and anxieties for you often cover up your insecurities. There will be moments when you cannot express yourself and if these moments are not understood and accepted, then they could become an on-going problem with you stuttering and stammering your way through ordinary and everyday conversations. Did you suffer from a speech impediment as a child or do you suffer from one now? Introversion, lacking confidence and being unable to communicate could be fears you sweep under the carpet. Do you have such fears? Do you have a reading problem? Were you reared by only one parent? The questions are endless...


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