Thursday, July 14, 2016

Birth Number Eight - "wait for it..."

Birth Number Eight
"For those born on the 8th, 17th, 26th of any month"

 There are many people you will attract into your life whom you have met before and when these people are born in the sign of Capricorn you can be assured that some part of your destiny is unfolding. People born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st of any month are also likely to affect your life. Sometimes this affinity is rewarding and at other times it is demanding. You could say that fate has brought you together again for another lesson of the soul! During the early part of your life you will carry a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders and this has the effect of making you grow up faster than your peers. You may even leave school early and join the workforce. Being self-contained and disciplined in your approach to life, you often wish for things to be easier. You will often feel lonely at heart, as if you are being tested in some way.

Conventional and conservative in your views, you take most things in your stride, believing in the laws of justice. The early years are often lonely, with the latter years filled to capacity. So look forward. You desire success and should have enough ambition to rise to the top of whatever you choose to be in life. Questions of success or failure will bug you every so often, but try not to let your answers depress you. Real success only ever comes to those who have put in years of hard labour. Remember, it is often said that it takes 20 years before one becomes an overnight success. No matter what you do in life you are guaranteed success if you put the right kind of effort behind your ambitions.

Every so often you will lose heart and wonder if there is anything in life worth living for; during such times do not shun the company of others,  immerse yourself in social issues. In helping others you will be helping yourself. By the way, politics might appeal to you as an area of interest. The co-operation and appreciation shown by others will please and stimulate you onto bigger and better things. Your number often brings many extremes throughout life and in coping with these extremes your soul is nourished. Never be afraid of the challenges life brings you. Having your number can mean going round and round in circles (fearing change) or climbing higher looking for new horizons to conquer. Which is it to be? You can be adaptable, systematic and logical in your approach to life. You can detach yourself and approach matters coolly and rationally. You possess the capacity for reasoning and solving problems, however, too much head and not enough heart is often a problem.

There will be many documents and papers requiring your attention, so make sure that all your own personal documents are duplicated and kept in a safe place. There will come a time when an important document cannot be found, resulting in you having to spend a lot of time and energy proving your point. When making a will, make your intentions as precise as possible. If ever you are a beneficiary it is likely someone will contest the contents. You are serious in your communications, possessing tact and diplomacy and will attract people with these characteristics into your life. Your social life is likely to be more on a serious and intellectual plane than on the frivolous. When everything in your life is harmonious, you will enjoy respect from others. Displaying executive ability, you will be a good judge of character, confident and considerate of others.

 When everything in your life is disharmonious, you will be miserly and demanding, unsympathetic, opportunistic, fanatical and altogether a down-right pain in the butt. Ancient wisdom is available to you, for you have lived many lifetimes. If you live your life according to the positive attributes of your number you will be able to turn your dreams for a better world into a reality. You will see the big picture and, if you allow the spiritual side of your nature to manifest, you will lead yourself and others toward a more interesting and fulfilling life. But if you allow the negative side of your number to prevail, then you’ll be materialistic and uncaring towards those less fortunate. If this happens then you will become lonely, unloved and misunderstood. A blending of the spiritual and the material is necessary for you and, in this way, you will be able to influence others to rise above the ordinary...


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