Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Astrological Depression – Clues for Coping
"Stay tuned - Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius - your turn is coming"

It's the scourge of the modern age and affects everyone at some time of his or her life. For some, it last a few weeks, for others a few months and for a great many people it can go on for years and years. Do you often feel as though life has let you down, feeling as though no one cares or understands you? Do you have trouble facing the morning or, coping with the lonely nights? Have you ever found yourself sitting alone, staring into empty space, wishing you were dead! For some people their only hope is medication. For others, therapy is necessary. For the vast majority, young or old, we suffer in silence. No one knows how it happens and no one really knows when it will go but for everyone going through it, depression is a Living Hell. This transcript won't cure you of your depression but it might help you to understand where it's coming from and once you admit this to yourself you might be able to re - focus your thinking and struggle your way out of it.
Aries: A lack of self-image. A lack of self worth, blaming your childhood experiences for all that is happening in your life, a lack of passion, a lack of self-motivation, a lack of get-up-and-go? If so, then you're taking yourself far too seriously and are lacking the necessary 'push' to bring the things you want in life. You must learn to conserve every gram of energy and focus it into specific areas. Take a look at your physical appearance and make some changes. Put some money aside and take a holiday or, just go to the movies. Motivate yourself rather than waiting for others to motivate you. Keep an honest diary of your daily thoughts and then do something about what you are recording each day. Above all don't lose faith.
Taurus: Financial pressures getting you down? Not having the things' others seem to have? Not being able to manage your income and earnings no matter how much money you earn? You are depressed, aren't you? It's time to start believing in yourself, to discover you are worth something (even if your parents constantly told you that you'd never amount to anything). You might have difficulties in managing money so start a savings plan for the things that you really want. You'll tend to look at your work as a means to an end instead of the service you are providing. Enjoy your workplace and if your career is not rewarding make some changes, be seen as someone who is confident capable, considerate and promotion, success and advancement will soon come your way.
Gemini: Blaming your lack of education? Family and friends not keeping in touch or, the telephone never ringing, no letters being received, no contact with your neighbours, you have a difficulty in communicating, don't you? Learn to say what you mean and mean what you say, stop trying to be `Mr/Ms nice guy'. It's time to be honest with those whom you love and care about. Keep in touch with friends for they might just be as depressed as you waiting for your phone call letter. The future is for you to create if you don't create it then who will? Stop relying on your partner (or lack thereof) to fulfil your need's for sometimes it's better to be by yourself, on your own and happy with your own company than being with someone else and unhappy.
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Cancer: Not having a house of your own or, feeling a failure for not being like everyone else? Blaming your life - style for not giving you the security you need? You may be too sensitive for your own good; too emotional and letting others influence you too much. This is your life so, stop trying to be like everyone else for in doing so life will constantly bring you frustration after frustration if you continually try to be like others or, continue to put others before yourself. You may, at times, felt you have unwittingly hurt someone's feelings by wanting to do your own thing ending up worrying over any so-called `slight'. Stop feeling as though you are selfish and start thinking of your SELF.
Leo: Not having enough romance in your life? Sitting alone at home watching the TV thinking everyone else is having the time of his or her life? Feeling as though the `fun' has gone out of your existence? If so then admit it, you are depressed. It's time to get out and meet `real' people, people you have something in common with, people you can talk to on subjects which really matter. Join groups, get involved in community programmes, stop thinking about yourself and start thinking of the welfare of others. It's when you do this that the `fun' and romance' really begins.
Virgo: Health problems (real or imagined)? Work difficulties? You do your best but are constantly overlooked when promotion comes around. Aren't you? If so, then for too long you have limited yourself. For too long you have undersold your talents. Your health isn't as bad as you think so stop imagining things, in fact, tension is the disease of the 20th century and you are creating more tension in your life than you know. If you find, in your work, that others are being promoted over you think about this: "they were ready, you were not"
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